Continuing in my random thought rants, and for you beard/mustache groomers out there, ever get that perfect self cut or trim? Ain’t it grand?

I was trimming my wiry beard and shaving my neck fuzz the other day and I got the perfect trim to it. Yes, I know, riveting news! hehehe  I never seem to shave both sides evenly. One side always looks a tiny bit off and no matter how hard I try, it only seems to make it worse. One side is either lower or seems to have a dent in the shave line. That or the line angle along my jaw always seems a bit off.1  Of course, no one ever notices it. It’s always tiny deviations that I only seem to notice.

Well, the other day I got it perfect! The width was the same, the lines were even and angled the same. I was so proud of my little endeavor. Can I get an ‘amen’?  heehee

  1. I shave from under my goatee outwards []

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