No 1

On a total random vein of thought and this is not a post about how fabulous I think I am. (Unlike a certain other blogger we all know….*cough Brettcajun cough*) No, today’s rant is a gross-fascination sort of topic. You know, one of those things ya usually don’t talk about it but it’s oddly fascinating to think about.

So how often do you find yourself in a situation where you start No 1 and then suddenly realize you need to do No 2? I’m sure who know where this is headed. heehee

Do you finish the No 1 before attempting No 2 or do you stop it mid-stream? Of course, this begs the question, do you zip up completely before adjourning to the porcelain throne or do you just walk on over with your bait and tackle dangling?

Even better, what do you do if it’s a public restroom and someone else is occupying it with you? Do you zip up and just stroll on over while they’re there? Or do you take a really loooong hand wash until they leave and then hit the stall?

Yes, it is burning questions like these the occupy my thoughts from time to time.

10 thoughts on “No 1”

  1. Just finish #1 and if the restroom has an available stall, just walk over to it. If not, just clentch and wait for an opening. Keep in mind, I don’t wear pants usually. Kilts almost all the time. No zipper and no underwear either. Its always hanging about.

  2. I’m to lazy(and pee shy) so I usually sit down to pee. So I’m already there If I have to poop. I usually wait for the stall if someone is in it

  3. I pride myself on being a considerate and thoughtful person but I confess, prior to reading your post, I never gave a thought to what the other occupant(s) of a public restroom might think if I needed to change tactics in mid-stream. I’ve just zipped up, and retreated to the more enclosed space.

    Now I am wondering….. were they insulted that I moved away? Did they think I was inviting them to retire to somewhere (only) slightly more private? I suspect I will be pondering this for a while.

  4. I say finish # 1 and tuck everything in and head to the stall. But, if # 2 is too urgent, then hold #1 midstream, let it swing free, and get on the pot ASAP, whether you are alone or not. Better to let somebody see a flash of pecker than have them see you piss on yourself or shit your britches.

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