​I’ve developed a sick fascination for the narcissism that is Instagram. Everyone is either a bodybuilder, nutrition expert, model, nail stylist, world traveler, or self-proclaimed selfie-deity.

One has to only tap over to the search tab and scroll thru the recommendation list to see the side-show of profiles. It is like reality tv in pictures (and 20 second vids). You get porn stars praising god, women trying to emulate skank Kardash-whatever-her-stupid-name-is, guys who think they are ‘gangstas,’ and sadly, even the stupid memes you see all over FB. It is all of that and a healthy mix of random folks who just like to take pictures and share. Of course, you can follow friends as well.

I tend to be against storing all my stuff on ‘other’ peoples sites but since I filter it back to my photoblog, even if I delete it, I still have all my pics.

Be warned though, FB has clearly integrated it on the back end. The moment you start adding friends or likes on IG, your FB suggestions updates with many of the same folks who happen to be on FB as well.

Beyond the sick fascination, I find using IG fills the void that used to be FB. I mean something has to fill the void right? hehehe

On a tangent, does anyone know why the hashtag is #instagay instead of just #gay? Is it because of abuse?

One thought on “Instagram”

  1. I love Instagram way more than Facebook. A lot less drama, but there is drama. I’ve found myself blocked by a few people for reasons I can’t fathom as I don’t even know who they are lol. Really bitches? I can go look at your photos on the web, I don’t know why you are blocking me from seeing them.

    The photo snobs annoy me the most. The people who look down on those who don’t use it to post artsy fartsy photos. I think they are way worse than the narcissists who post 8 million photos of themselves in their undies. At least those are photos I don’t mind looking at 😉

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