Someone asked me the other day if I thought I was too old to workout? Uh, no. Is that a thing? Is there an imaginary age where [gay] guys just give up working out? 

I guess if you’re doing it for the attention or admiration I can see a shelf life. And I’m not judging here. Many of us develop an obsession with working out as a coping mechanism to combat deeper issues.Who am I to cast stones? It’s kind of a natural progression honestly. We used to be thought of as weak so working out breaks that stereotype. That said, I never stuck with working out when I did it to impress others. It wasn’t until my mid to late 20s when I decided I really wanted to be better than I was that I finally stuck with it.  I took a real interest and got over my anxiety. Lawd, I was a scrawny turd back then.hehee

Fast forward, to my mid 40s and I still enjoy working out. I’m in excellent shape without being ripped or massive.The latter were never my goals anyway. I feel better after a good workout. Of course, the narcissist in me likes that I get more attention, but that is a side benefit. It would be silly to pretend I don’t enjoy attention. [1]truer words were never spoken!  I think anyone who works out would tell you the same if they are honest. However, I don’t personally think there is a shelf life for working out. I’m not Miss Cleo so I can’t see the future, but I hope I continue working out well into old age. Working out has proven to help keep you healthy and fight off aging. I might end up an old doddering fool but I’ll be a strong doddering old fool!

So no, I don’t think I have reached an age where I’ll be giving it up. And it’s never too late to start. 


1 truer words were never spoken!

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  1. I read (so it must be true) that weight training strengthens muscle, and also the tendons that attach muscles to bones, and in turn, also strengthens the bones. I also read that it’s never too late, nor is one too old. Studies have been done of old men living in assisted living who were guided on a strength training regimen and they actually increased muscle mass. And then there’s also the benefits to mental and emotional health that come with regular exercise. So, yeah.

  2. Sometime around 1997, Philip Turner held a fund raiser at his home on 16th Street for the A.I.D.S. Emergency Fund. One of the “attractions” was a RECENT winner of a Drummer Contest, decked out in leather on his well balanced muscled body. I happen to know the guy was 44 years old at the time. He’s still around and I’m pretty sure you know him.

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