Social Fail

As I’ve drifted away from Facebook and twitter, I’ve tended to use IG and TikTok a lot more. FB has become such a chore I mostly post updates and comment on folks I follow. The overwhelming ads and “suggestions” is just not worth my time to scroll thru. IG is fast becoming an ad-engine as well. Tiktok is an awesome time-waster when I have down time. It’s sort of a way to disconnect and let my brain become numb.  Beyond that, social media in general isn’t really worth the effort most days. I setup a Bluesky account but I barely use it as well. If I have to force myself, what’s the point?

The good news is I find myself wanting to get back to my blog more. How’s that for irony?

4 thoughts on “Social Fail”

  1. I’m completely with you the state of the social media. I’m thankful you’re on the few keeping a traditional blog going.

  2. Left Facebook/Twitter a decade ago. Still on Instagram, but I rapidly reach the point with ads that I just close the app and walk away. Right now Threads is pretty innocuous, but even that gets tiresome.

  3. I occasionally will write a “blog post” on FB, which reminds me that longer forms of communication are something I miss.

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