Subscribers Update

If you are seeing this in your email box, at some point in the past you signed up for my blog updates.

I turned off my subscriber options for awhile while working to get the blog back in order. Since I’ve turned it back on you might see some posts you weren’t notified existed. As I continue to clean out the cobwebs, I’m also noticing some of the old registered accounts are constantly getting hammered by bots. I may have to eventually purge them. Just a heads up for the few followers I have left. I will post a notice prior to deletions so the 1 or 2 of you who still subscribe can resubscribe if you wish.

This should not affect anyone using an RSS reader.



2 thoughts on “Subscribers Update”

  1. I really enjoyed your comment on pure Xbox about how you felt about gamepass this month. I’m tired of everyone and their brother just talking down about every little thing in gaming. These grown children have no clue that nothing about making a video game comes out of a cookie cutter mold. Every little thing on every little game is different. Anyway God Bless, Im in St Catharines Ontario 44 have a good day

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