Latter Days

Movie critique ahead. Not many newer gay movies make my list of faves so I felt the need to share.

Tivo happen to record this movie for me a while back. I got around to watching it last night and was impressed. Well, let me rephrase that. I was impressed with the acting. Several great actors brought life to a plot almost completely devoid of complexity. Oh, the storyline is clear enough just lacking in development and a bit rushed. There are several very touching scenes throughout the movie w/the end being a good tear-jerker.

The story revolves around a mormon boy who moves to LA as part of his upbringing to “spread the word”. In turn, his neighbor is the typical hot but shallow gay boy who’s life revolves around his next conquest. A touching but fast love story follows w/several very undeveloped side stories thrown in for flavor. Surprisingly, there were several sizzling sex scenes that were very believable as well as stimulating. (The opening scene starts out w/a very erotic encounter)

All in all, it’s worth renting on DVD if you haven’t seen it.

Blogger Sightings!

In a rare indulgence, I’m just finished gorging myself on pizza and ice cream. Non-fat ice cream at that.. hehehe Now, Im just kicking back to enjoy a movie, Transporter 2 w/the holy hot Jason Statham. Besides being an incredible marshal arts expert, he is fantastically handsome. There is a scene in part 2 where he walks out of his house in just a tshirt and jeans. Yet the silhoutte of his muscles against the clothing is very erotic. Ok, I’m in a mood now.

In the blogworld, Bratt from Beyond Buffalo did call and we got together for a quick lunch this past week. He brought his friend Karen w/him. We didn’t get much time as I had to head off to work. It was nice to see him (and her) and catch up. I keep telling him he should move here. Maybe one of these days he’ll listen to me.
Bratt & Karen

The same day I ran into Viktor from V-hold. I got such a giggle because I didn’t know it was him at first and was checking out his boo-tay. hehehe. I’m sure he’ll forgive me.

Today, I met Chad from stop touching my food. Chad and I are participating in Large Tony’s shirt around the world project. Besides that, we had a great time. We were all over the map with conversations. Tony being the prime subject for quite a while. All good mind you.
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I’m just back from seeing Brokeback Mountain.

*spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen the movie skip this post*

Brokeback Mountain

First off, it is a fan-fucking-tastic movie! The movie cuts to the heart of the gay movement w/it’s simplistic focus on two men deeply in love w/each other. Two men trapped by expectations of society that they lead a totally different, albeit miserable, life. All the gay stereotypes are completely stripped away. On a side note, I was overwhelmed by several aspects that reminded me of my own childhood environment. If you grew up in any sort of country environment you’ll know what I mean after you see it. The movie starts out a bit slow while plot builds. While a bit borish, I much prefer a slow build to rushing thru it.

Second, the hype surrounding it as an artistic masterpiece is well deserved. That said, from all the rants just flooding the blogosphere, I expected way more sex and nudity. There is only one male/male sex scene where you actually see them in the act so to speak. A bit rushed but Jake takes it like a man! (He is my favorite of the two and I got a chub seeing him take it. hehehe) The only cock scene is a very brief one when they go skinny-dipping together. Several nice butt shots though. There are also several kiss scenes but again only one scene with all out passionate man to man kissing.

Artistically, the movie is great. I only say great because the scenery is complete in it’s believability but it rarely becomes the focus. I think this was deliberate to keep your interest completely on the actors and the story. Coming the heart of the sticks in East TX, it brought back so many memories. The director did a very good job of making you believe they really were a couple roughneck cowboys. From the way he put his boot heel in the fire (a common attempt to keep your feet warm in very cold weather), all the way down to the way Jake checks his 30-30. (rifle) Jake (aka Jack) and Keith (aka Innis) deserve some major credit too. Keith Ledger has never really been on my list of favorite actors. IMO, this was the best performance of his career. As for Jake, I haven’t seen him in many movies but he also played a very believable character. When he dies in the end I started crying. You see a brief flash on how he really dies even though his wife lies about it to Keith.

The end made me very sad. Sad that we still live in a culture where not all human beings can express themselves freely w/o oppression. Even sadder, that gays still face the threat of physical harm in many places in this country just for being born gay.

While I was leaving the theatre, I overheard a gay guy and his female friend in front of me discussing the movie. She was blathering on about how she didn’t see why people said it was so sad. His response, “Bitch! were you watching the same movie I was? Maybe you need to go back and watch it again.” After which, he promptly stormed a little of a head of her.

If you haven’t seen it, sorry for spoiling it but I left out plenty of juicy info. Gay or straight, I highly recommend you see it.

My next big flick to see is Underwold:Evolution. Which just happens to be coming out on my birthday!

Movie Madness

I squeezed in a couple of flicks over the weekend. I went to see Narnia the other night. I never read the book as a kid as it had some religious overtones I didn’t care for. I would have skipped the movie all together but I heard a dirty rumor they took the religous references out. Apparently, that little re-write caused some scandals. Obviously, curiosity got the better of me. I was really pleased with the “converted” version of the movie. Not knowing what the exact religious overtones were, I found some striking metaphysical references in the movie. The whole “deep magic” storyline had me hooked. With the plot came some very good special effects. In my opinion, Tilda Swinton stole the movie in her role as the White Witch Jadis. Tilda has this graceful screen presence that makes her instantly likeable, even as a bad character.

And, I’m just back from watching the new King Kong and I was very impressed w/it as well. I highly recommend it if you were (are) a King Kong fan. I was more into Godzillas as a kid but like King Kong too. They did a great job of updating it w/special affects w/o sacrificing the plot. There were a few changes here and there but overall fantastic. I missed the snake scene from the original though. That was my favorite part in the original. However, they did replace it w/a really great T-Rex battle.

Two thumbs up for both movies!

On a side note, I got to see a new preview for X-men III. I almost shit my pants. It looks fan-fucking-tastic! Guess who comes back from the dead? hehehe

Return of “The Thing.”

Sunday, Bobby and I are going to see John Carpenter’s The Thing from 1982. I’m actually looking forward to it. The Castro Theatre is hosting a double showing of the 1950’s original and the 1980’s one. I never cared for the original as much.

For it’s time, it had cutting edge special effects. The scene where the decapitated head turns into a roaming spider rocked! Unlike a lot of today’s flash/bang flicks, it had a well developed plot as well.

Pictures to come I’m sure.

Ramblings. . .

Where did the weekend go? Seems like I just left work.

So tomorrow is my Monday. I’m back at it. I’ve only got 4 days till I’m on vacation. Wahoo!

Class is still going great. I made a 98 on my midterm! I was tickled pink. We lost 4 more students. The midterm was the deciding factor for some. Our class is down to 15 from 31. That said, the 15 left seem to be equally commited as I. I don’t think we’ll lose anymore.

Today, was spent mostly doing errands. Didn’t get much play time in. This blasted flue keeps lingering around. I’m not quiet sick but not back to a 100% either. I did get a good workout in at the gym today. I’ve really been disappointed w/gym schedule and am making a hard effort to get back at it. I also got my 3rd tan in today. I’m finally starting to show some color. I got 2 more to go before I leave.

I got home kinda late and didn’t feel like ordering out so I thought I’d cook something. Course, there was nothing in the fridge. Can I insert here how much I love Whole Foods? Not for everyday shopping as I can’t afford it. However, their meat/seafood section is unriveled. As expected, they had a plethera of meats. Pre-marinated and everything.

So here is my latest creation.
Chef Moby Strikes Again!
Chef Moby Strikes Again!

Not much else to report. Just dinner and a movie to finish off the evening.