New features on my blog

I’ve been poking around some other blogs and I’ve discovered some nifty ideas and plug-ins for my own blog. I’ve added a MOOD pic which is HI-larious and a Shoutbox. At first, I thought I had to be a paying member but I guess they did away w/that part of this site.

Anway, I’m just home from being a very bad boy so I’m off to bed. (don’t ask)

Where’s The Beef?

Aren't they cute?
The Boyfriend and I at Boston Market…Soooo glam right?

How corny is that? Just wanted to show him off. The first time in my life I can visualize myself growing old w/someone. Kinda scary and kinda comforting all in one breath. Wish me luck?

Blogging rocks!

Been looking thru profiles/blogs since I joined up today…Blogging rocks! Never found out so much about so many people in such a hurry! I think I’m hooked.

Gay life in SF

Howdy all, new to the blogasphere. Being a techie at heart, I figured it was time I jumped into the sway of things. I always have an opinion about everything so why not share it right? What makes my blog different? Haven’t a clue. I tend to call it the way I see it which can make for some interesting conversation at times. Feedback, ideas, comments are welcome.