British Airways Sucks Ass!

I’m destined to just stay on my horse this week.

You’d think an airline that’s 1 step away from being bankrupt would be a little more gracious to its paying customers regardless of who their sleeping with. However, British Airlines has decided to harass to of its paying passengers by asking them to “not kiss” on their flights. Now I ask you, how ignunt is that?

Thanks to Dunner

So I’m scrolling thru some of my favorite blogs and I stumble across dunners blog about a pharmacist in Nowhereville who decides because of his religion – he is NOT going to refill a woman’s birth control prescription. THIS is what the future will be like for everyone if GW BUSH gets re-elected to another term. The Bushwacked Administration, as I like to call’em, are steadfastly eroding all the protections and rights that we’ve worked hard for over the last 20 years. Take a gander at his blog and read for yourself.

On a separate rant…For all the closed minded individuals out there, here is some disappointing news I’m afraid. Another study that shows that being “gay” is not a choice. Hide behind fear and ignunce while you can, your days of propagating hatred are coming to an end!