Foot Locker = Foot in Mouth

I mention this story only because I’ve followed it from beginning to end. The older I get the more I seem to be less and less tolerant of companies, that should know better, treating their gay employees like dirt. The resolution of this particular story is heartwarming even if the amount awarded is not published yet. In a nutshell…

Kevin Dunbar, a 26yo male, working at Foot Locker was subjected to cruel taunts and tortures on a daily basis. After begging to be transfered to a new store ….where his new store manager refused to shake his hand and said, “I heard about your shit, I don’t want your faggot ass in my store.” But wait! theres more! “Foot Locker could have addressed this problem, as it clearly promises employees in its policies, but instead chose to ignore it and make it worse. Our client followed the rules to address the discrimination, and all it got him was a pink slip,” said Nevins. In the lawsuit, Lambda Legal argues that Foot Locker, Inc., breached its contract with Dunbar by violating the company’s own anti-harassment, anti-discrimination and open-door policies that are promised in the employee handbook. Three customers who witnessed three separate incidents of antigay harassment have sworn affidavits on Dunbar’s behalf.

This is my favorite part! Even a “christian” felt so badly for him she made a complaint! One customer approached Dunbar and gave him her name and phone number “because as a Christian woman I felt this was wrong, and the Lord told me to help and heal because the hurt, pain and embarrassment I saw on Mr. Dunbar’s face was intense.” On another occasion, a customer was shopping with her four children and heard Dunbar’s coworkers calling him “punk ass” and “faggot.” After one particularly harsh round of name-calling, a customer was concerned for Dunbar’s safety when she heard a coworker threaten, “I will beat his punk ass!” A spokesperson for the company refused comment on the suit.

And the most galling part, is that FL gave Kevin, the innocent victim, a PINK SLIP! He had to sue in order to get any sort of justice. Regardless of the outcome, I will never shop at FL again. I have a choice where I spend my money and it sure as hell isn’t where someone is allowed to be humiliated just because he was born gay!