A Pox On Your House…

I had to go see my doc today. Last night, I developed a full body rash that was hella itchy. I normally would have waited before going to see the doc but, I have a ride-a-long on the ambulance tomorrow. I thought it prudent to get checked out. It hasn’t moved onto my face, for which, I am sooo grateful. Of course, the new EMT in me started checking off the possibilities…

Scabbies – No – been there did that once at 19. There is no mistaking it for something else.

Syphilis – No – this nasty little STD can often bring on symptoms from other little buggers hiding in your spine. Had a screening no less than two weeks ago and all good. It is possible to test negative during the primary stage so we took another blood test today just to make sure. Yes, I’m thankful my penis won’t be falling off anytime soon.

Chickenpox/Shingles – No, this would have been an irony as just last week I was reading Johnny’s run in w/said illness. Mind you, I am very leary of catching the pox. I missed it as a kid and it is much much worse if you get it as an adult. Again, thank the stars, I still have plenty of antibodies from my last vaccination.

What’s left? Allergic reaction. – Well that is the consensus I reached with my doc. Not having a clue what it might be, I’m hoping it clears up before my guests arrive later in the week. I’d hate to be remembered as the buggy blogger.

5 thoughts on “A Pox On Your House…”

  1. Oh Moby…We’ll still love ya when we show up Thursday. Just don’t gert too close. Just joshin’! Nothing can look worse than me with the chicken pox at thirty. I had pox the size of nickels and quarters all over my body. It was so repulsive you had to laugh.

  2. Hey Moby,


    Sorry for the health care hat coming on, but did he mention community acquired MRSA? Lately it’s seen quite the upswing in gay men in SF.

  3. Get better soon bud. Maybe its just nerves from being around a bunch of studs comming to your place for the weekend. I am sure they would help scratching if you returned the favor….Sorry my mind is in the gutter.

  4. Don’t forget that Mono can sometimes cause a rash or hives. I’m sure it’s not that…….

    Probably allergic to something. The body is always changing.

  5. Oh… buggy blogger or not… you can still orally service right? That’s all I care about! 😉

    Ha ha… just kidding boo. I know you must be shitting because we are all coming in on Thursday. Murphy’s Law huh? Don’t worry about it. Take some Benadryl or Cortizone and maybe it’ll go away.

    I’ll still be hugging up on you no matter what! 😉

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