11 thoughts on “Can I Have Your Autograph?”

  1. Hi Moby, got here from another blog. I tried looking for you on the video but it’s to no avail. Were you commenting on the CCHP Vs Brown & Toland, the WiFi plan, or some mysterious Chinese concentration camp? 🙂

    Anyway, I like your blog.

  2. Nice job. When you spilled the facts my mouth dropped but the woman just off to the side opened her eyes real wide too. I can’t imagine what type of stress you folks are under.

    For anyone looking for it, it is the 2nd public comment section, the time stamp read 2:47:56 on the clock when Moby steps up to the podium.

    I want you to be on my team anyday, and now I know your real name but I like Moby just fine.

  3. Dude you rock!

    Very compelling speech. I took speaking classes in college and never did that well. I loved the eyebrow on the woman to your left when you stated the figures.

    Everybody else seemed to love your speech figuring by the applause. You did excellent! A+++++

    You go baby.

  4. Damn Moby!!!!

    MOBY FOR SF MAYOR!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Pete, I want you on my team. And it’s a shame that more of your co-workers aren’tg backing you up with support. It’s clear you give your union shop duties 100%. Eat ’em up guy!

  5. OH MY GAWD! WOW!!! That was SOOOO impressive! You were so manly. You were so serious. You got a big ovation!!!! And what a smart decision getting that crazy woman to go on right before you so you REALLY look SUPER! WOW! I am so impressed Moby. WAY TO GO!!! 🙂 I look forward to seeing in on Thursday! My SF public comment HERO! 🙂

  6. Excellent speech! Your delivery was perfect and you held your ground in a stern “what are you gonna do?!?” voice. It was also nice to see you in action rather than all the static pictures. You are a stunning man, keep up the good work! I appreciate your work ethic. So many American people have poor work ethics these days and you definitely show them how a star should shine!

  7. Very well done. You are a good and consise speaker who states his points well.

    I realized your job was stressful, but I had no idea how much work was involved. I think I might find out how our local 911 chapter is doing.

  8. You have a very nice voice, Moby, and a good presence in front of the camera too. What you said was clear and concise, and I hope they listened to you. You, and your co-workers, deserve to be recognized for the very important and diffcult job you do, both in terms of additional personnel and in monetary terms.

  9. Thanks for all the support guys. It means alot to me. I won’t know if my little speech was successful for at least 2 more weeks.

  10. VERY well done. Smart, to the point, personal and educated. I am impressed. I hope it leads to a good change. I know it made an impact.

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