Blogapalooza 2007 II

**Update*** Several folks have already expressed an interest in an Saturday get together as some are arriving Friday and will miss the one on Friday. I’ll try to arrange something for Saturday for those who can’t make the Friday shindig.

Ok blog fans, the date is fast approaching. The big blogger weekend aka SF Pride is not far off. I’m creating a page w/links to blogs or emails for all those planning to attend. That way everyone can rub elbows, talk shop, discuss room & board options, etc.

I know DanNation is also working on a more specific date and time however, I’m just looking for numbers vs events. Once the weekend approaches and more folks have an idea of their schedules, I’ll try to arrange a get together. Again, nothing fancy or overly pretentious, just a space for the group to meet, maybe grab some food or drink, and chat. I took the weekend off so I’ll have time to play vs worry about work. The only kink would be getting called for the EMT gig however, I’m really not expecting to be called in the first group.1

Anway, last year’s gathering was very fun and I got to meet quite a few folks. I’m hoping to add more to the list this year.

1 No, not giving up just being realistic.

4 thoughts on “Blogapalooza 2007 II”

  1. Be sure to check out the Evite:

    There’s a good crowd coming Friday night to The Gallery Lounge in SOMA – you are on the invite but don’t think you’ve taken a look…can’t wait to see you (it’s been TOO long).

  2. I’m so jealous of all the bloggers that are going to Bloggapalooza II. I hope to someday be able to make it one. Maybe III or IV. Have a great time.

  3. It’ll be great to see the many more bloggers this time around. My head is going to be spinning saying “hey” to everyone. I am stoked!

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