Funny Conversation II

Overhead in the gym this week.

Dude 1: Wow, you are looking hot. How you been?

Dude 2: Thanks bro, I have been hitting the weights pretty hard. I don’t have anything on you though man.

Dude 1: Sheeet, I totally beat off to you, you know that right?


Overhead in the Castro

Boy 1: Why on Earth would you marry that queen? He is so pompous and arrogant.

Boy 2: He has a 9″ cock and a trust fund.


Phone conversation at work.

Caller (female obviously from the South): I just wanted you to know how ashamed I am of you people out there in San Francisco. Promoting the homosexual lifestyle and the entire fall of society.

Me: Ma’am, I’m a homo, do you have an emergency to report?


13 thoughts on “Funny Conversation II”

  1. Just like my dad always say, a trust fund is all you need to get laid… well, maybe not the getting laid part, but he did say it was important, LOL

  2. When I look at your J/O survey and see how small of a percentage of peeps responded as I, I feel like a pervert LOL. I didn’t realize I was so far out of the norm 😛

  3. What the frak did she call for? To rant at a random San Franciscan? goddam freaks.

    Speaking of freaks, do you happen to know who the dude with 9″ and a trust fund is? I’m thinking of giving up on a career and just marrying rich. Rich and hung would be better.

  4. I’m catching up on your blogging. Can I have permission to use that response liberally (no pun intended) and train my fellow homosexuals to do so as well?

    #1: I think I’ve had that mental conversation with myself while watching all the str8 guys at my gym.

    #2: I wouldn’t marry him, but … maybe be an occasional escort??

    #3: I received a random phone call from a southerner at work yesterday. I’m a southerner. I know southerners — sometimes from sight. He went on and on for a bit that had nothing to do with my company or its services. So in an attempt to shut him up and persuade him to move on I said: “I’m sorry sir, but I cayn’t reayally heylp ewe, but sir, thaynk ewe fer calling and ewe hayve a greayt daey okaey?” Then I hung up.

  5. overheard at the Faultline at the Sunday Beerbust:

    dude#1 “Dude, I havent seen you in like weeks! where’ve you been?”

    dude#2 “oh I met this amazing man online and we’ve kinda stared seeing each other whenever we’re free. I think this may be love”

    dude # 1 “very cool, very cool! so when are we ever gonna screw?”

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