Update IV

Been a bit distracted lately so no posts. I’m back.

The past weekend w/TFA was nice. No natural disasters this time so we got to spend some quality time bonding and getting to know each other more. We skipped all the touristy stuff. We got to the beach one day, movies the next but mostly we spent quality time at home relaxing and enjoying the down time. I made the mistake of telling him the one ticklish spot on my body. He spent the whole weekend tickling me every chance he got. [1]My voice tends to go up several octaves when I’m being tickled.

In work related news, I got notice today that I am being sued by a previous trainee. [2]She is suing quite a few people in the dept as well. I am not in the least bit worried. The dept. bent over backwards to not only accommodate her but also gave her an incredibly lengthy extension beyond what anyone else has ever received. I am dismayed she simply refuses to accept the simple truth the job function was beyond her abilities.

The xbox is finally back! They sent me a new one as promised. So far, it is working like a dream. I haven’t had much time to play but I did get a couple hours in yesterday playing Bioshock. Excellent game. Given a choice, I have to say the xbox still beats the PS3. Sorry Sony, you dropped the ball.


1 My voice tends to go up several octaves when I’m being tickled.
2 She is suing quite a few people in the dept as well.

11 thoughts on “Update IV”

  1. You should check out this Unfortate: Drake’s Fortune (or something like that) on PS3. It’s supposed to be the game for the system right now. I played the demo and loved it, but am putting it on the Xmas list lol. It’s kinda like a male version of tomb raider as far as I could tell.

  2. It sounds like you deed indeed have a very nice weekend and I am glad that you did buddy. Thats crap about that bitch suing your oh so lovely ass. Lets hope she gets her comeuppance.

  3. Are those bullet point icons new or am I just really dense?

    My mother told me she’s not ticklish and I believed her for 25 years. I’ve made her pay for that particular lie.

  4. Ugh, sorry about the suing.

    I am soooo not interested in XB360 or the PS3 mainly cause I could never afford them. Especially the PS3 – fuck that $600 noise. The best I’ll get is a Wii, which I really really want anyways. Of course, if money wasn’t a problem, yeah, the XB would be the high-end choice, no questions asked.

  5. Hey – the new XBOX they sent you – does it have HDMI out?

    I also enjoyed Drake’s Fortune. I have to agree that XBOX 360 is the best system out there right now for games, but having all three systems is probably the best option because you get the best of everything… even if it puts you in the poorhouse 🙂

  6. Nice to know the vacation with TFA went well.

    I’ve learned about the tickle thing in the hard way… NEVER ever tell ANYONE about it… well… unless it’s a fetish. 😀

  7. I saw TFA on gay.com this past weekend advertising his search for a place to rent. Made me smile. He looked familiar enough to make me immediately leap to your blog to compare the pics and bingo it was he. I guess that’s some good news for you, yeah?


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