Oh No He Dinnn’t!

Wow, all the comments on the last post were great!  I didn’t realize so many people would comment.  heh heh  It was great reading all the stories.  Thanks to everyone who shared. 


I had a bit of a rough week.  Work wasn’t overly busy but the drama over the City’s budget deficit continues.  Not surprisingly, the City is facing one of the largest budget shortfalls in its entire history. [1]The state isn’t doing so well either.  I’ll be the first to admit the City’s paryoll is significant.  SF has 1 civil servant for every 5 citizens.  That is a lot by any standard.  I’m grateful to have a job so I won’t bore you with all the stuff they are trying to take away from us.  And while I’d never support anyone getting laid off, it may come to that.  My department is somewhat immune to layoffs but it isn’t written in stone.  Its gonna get uglier for sure. 


On top of that, the land my dad left my brothers and I has hit yet another snag.  I’m not sure why I’m surprised but this one is a doozy.  So much so, it may take us years to resolve it.  Ugh.  Blood-suckng attorneys and their double-speak really pisses me off too.  Why can’t they just speak frakin’ English!  So now,not only am I broke but I have no equity to show for it.  Lovely.


As if my own drama wasn’t enough, my soon-to-be ex roomie has been irritating the hell out of me.  He can’t manage his finances for shit and has been dragging me along for the ride.  He hasn’t even paid rent yet and had the fucking audacity to ask me for money!  We had a few “words”.  On the off-hand chance he doesn’t move, it is time for another come-to-Jesus meeting when he gets back.  I’m done giving him breaks.  He can either start pulling his own weight or get out.  And if he does move, I’ve decided to proceed with finding another roomie. 


And to top it all off, the weather has been down right shitty today.  Oh well, I guess we do need the rain, even if it is a bummer.  I’m doing lunch and a movie w/my buddy Juan tomorrow to take my mind off things. 


1 The state isn’t doing so well either.

12 thoughts on “Oh No He Dinnn’t!”

  1. Sounds like a shitty time for you as well! Good luck with the job situation! I've heard via the news about CA's budget problems and having to cut back and/or close depts. on certain days. You're not the only one with money problems!! I got hit as well; need to tighten up budget hella bad and may go to credit counseling. We'll see.

    Having had roomie woes myself, I feel for you where your situation is concerned.

  2. I applaud (?) you even being able to take on a roomie. I've lived in absolute hell-holes just so I wouldn't have to deal with that shit. Nor them have to deal with me.

    Believe it or not, I'm no saint.

    No…..it's true!

  3. Wow, this isn't the Porn Roomie, is it? Sorry you are having roommate difficulties. That adds unwanted and unneeded stress…

  4. Tell your roommate to make a couple of movies and pay his rent already.

    I'm crossing my fingers on your job man.

  5. Tony: I am from RI originally and my sister still lives there. It seems, from what she says, that the Governor lacks common sense, sort of like the Ca legislature, which continues on its irresponsible spending spree…No, do not agree with "Aaaaa-nold" either!

  6. CB inCa: Your sister is correct. Governor Carcieri loves to vilify state employees and teachers in particular.

    A good friend of mine is a RI resident but he's a school psych up in MA. He can't stand Carcieri, neither can I.

    Here's a telling story. Back in 2006 when he was running for re-election I backed his opposition Charlie Fogarty. Even did work for the campaign, phone bank, canvassing, the works.

    At one debate all the supporters of both Fogarty and Carcieri were out in front of the north side of the State House. There were the obvious taunts between sides but here's what really got me:

    When Fogarty pulled up he came into the crowd, shook a bunch of hands, made a little speech and then walked into the State House.

    Carcieri pulled right up to the door of the State House, jumped out and literally ran into the State House.

    The ass won the election by 8,000 votes.

    I can't wait for the 2010 election – I don't think a Republican will be able to be elected dog catcher in RI.

  7. *Hugs-n-tugs* When it rains, it pours. It is hard when life deals you a bunch of crap that you have no control over and just have to take it like a man! All we can do is lean on each other for a little support. Hope there is soon to be a light at the end of the tunnel for ya big guy!

  8. Hey, not that I'm making excuses for the Roomie, but he and I and several of my friends are all about the same age — our birth years put us in the first wave of Generation X, otherwise known as the janitors for the Baby Boomers. It seems like all of us are the first generation that failed to achieve the American Dream aka the Downwardly Mobiles. Pass the Prozac, would ya?

    Still, he's got professional skills that are way more portable than mine. Maybe you could hand him some rubbers and lube, point to the door, and say, "Don't come back till you've got rent." Hell, I'd pay, except I'm broke from being underemployed. See what I mean?

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