In case you haven’t heard, 3 police officers were shot/killed today in Oakland.  One other officer is in very grave condition.  I can’t express the shame, sadness, and anger rolling through at the moment.  The suspect was also shot and killed. 

I need to stop now before I say things I will regret.

3 thoughts on “Tragedy”

  1. oh man… That is so sad 🙁

    May our hearts and thoughts go out to the families affected by this… I sometimes wonder how much people think things through these days. I remember someone I met when going through school at Creighton University, her son was killed while on duty, I don't want to see any one go through what she did ever.

  2. You just know things are bad when cops get shot en masse.

    But I have to wonder. Didn't the BART shooting occur in Oakland? I may be incorrect however I wonder if there isn't some form of retribution going on.

  3. I'm in shock after reading the news reports. They're insinuating it was racially motivated. Was it?

    @Jeff ~ race had nothing to do with it however, lots of folks trying to make it about race to further their own personal ideology.

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