Well I arrived safely in Chicago. Actually, I’ve been here for some time. The boy is fast asleep (he is an early riser), but I couldn’t wait until the weekend was over to share this.

I typed this at 30,000 feet on my way to Chicago. The flights were very smooth with one interesting occurrence. Flying on a friend’s buddy pass, I had to hop from SF down to SD and then a connecting flight from SD to Chicago. No biggie as I’ve flown standby plenty of times and more than familiar with the process. Anyway, the first flight was short and sweet and I slept right thru it. The second flight looked to be iffy at best and I’d already assumed I wouldn’t make it. Luck seemed to be on my side though. I made the 2nd flight w/o any hiccups. It was a very full flight but I managed to keep my seat. Even better, since it was physically the same plane I’d just flown in on, I didn’t have to reboard and got to nab a much nicer seat in the exit row. [1]Exit rows always have more leg room. duh! A very sweet young girl from the OC ended up taking the lone seat next to me. She was friendly and we chatted awhile before settling into our own little realms of preoccupation, her on her mobile device playing Sudoku (spelling?) and me on my laptop.

Now here is where it gets a little interesting. Half way thru the flight, I suddenly feel a tap on my shoulder. One of the flight attendants (a very Barbie-esque woman) was telling me a “gentleman wants to buy you a drink”. I must have given here a dirty look as she repeated herself but softer. Being pulled from my distraction, I was a little perplexed but agreed not wanting to be rude. [2]Hey, I grew up in a trailer, you don’t refuse free shit, especially liquor! lol After my drink arrives I try to discover who it is that bought it for me. The stewardess said he wanted to remain anonymous. Of course, this drove me nuts. I kept turning my head around to see if I could catch someone staring or eyeballing me. There were definitely some hotties on the flight I would have been happy to make into new friends. A random woofy guy here and there, several army boys in their fatigues, and one very striking fembot. [3]a very feminine guy

Sadly, I never figured it out. None of the afore mentioned guys gave me a second glance thru the entire flight. I’m still scratching my head as to why someone would send me a drink but not want to at least be recognized. I tried to convince the flight attendant to tell me but she held fast and clearly I couldn’t get her alone on the plane to try and charm it out of her.

Oh well, I was very flattered. She did say right up front it was a guy so I can only assume he was gay. Mysterious man, if you are out there and on the off-chance read my blog, thanks for the drink bud. Nothing goes down quite as nice as free liquor!


I was about to add more here at the end but the boy just rolled over and something “came up”.


1 Exit rows always have more leg room. duh!
2 Hey, I grew up in a trailer, you don’t refuse free shit, especially liquor! lol
3 a very feminine guy

11 thoughts on “Flight”

  1. Hey, welcome to the midwest (IML, I assume). Weather this weekend – beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. Stuff like that drives me INSANE. Sure, I'd be flattered – but I'd be going crazy the entire time trying to figure it out.

    Have a GREAT trip!!!

  3. Welcome to Chicago….I can only assume that you're here for IML, Bear Pride, The Grabbys or perhaps to play Volleyball.

    Maybe I'll see you around town!

    Have fun!!!!

  4. oh babe, i hate to differ…but there are things that go down as nicely as free liquor. I love those moments on the plane when strangers are connected in some sort of unusual way. And I love playing the middle man…. I'll pay more attention today…to see who I can bring together! I'm going to Phoenix and back. Happy Weekend in Chicago! And, hey, maybe it was just the flight attendant making up the story….maybe SHE liked you!

  5. Wow… this is the first time I heard of buying someone drink at 30,000 feet!! Can we enter this as the World Record?!

  6. It was just the female flight attendant SAYING a guy had bought it for you – when she was just trying to determine your sexuality. You fell for the ploy hook, line and sinker.

    She went back to the galley where all her co-workers said: "Told ya!" 🙂

  7. It was one of the IML woofies on the flight.

    either that, or he was so hideous that she couldn't bear to tell you who he was.

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