Morality Reloaded

I’m feeling long winded today, you’ve been warned! I’m also touching on a subject I’ve beat a couple times here before. For the best sense of what I’m getting it, you should probably read the previous rant on the old blog. I’m specifically calling attention to an important distinction of the general use of the word vs the reality of how most people apply it.

…morality does not refer to just any guide to behavior accepted by an individual, it is that guide to behavior that the individual adopts as his overriding guide, and wants everyone else to adopt as their overriding guide as well

To start off, I realized a long time ago, I have my own set of morals. I’ve also mentioned on numerous occasions I used to never view myself as an overly “moral” person in the strictest sense of the word. And while I’ve come to realize I am a moral person, my morals are subject to my own sense of overriding right from wrong, hence the quote above. An important distinction here is my personal moral code isn’t an excuse to allow me to behave inappropriately. More importantly, I can look beyond my own sense of morality to the greater sense of right and wrong. There are behaviors I accept as ok to me that would probably not be ok if everyone adopted it. Does that sound like a contradiction? Of course it does. Morality is completely subjective and derisive in nature simply because there is no one moral code that everyone subscribes to. Even worse, the use of morality as a hammer has become common practice in our society.


The first half of my rant deals with the out of control religious fanaticism in Western culture today. I honestly don’t know how folks can still cling to the term ‘christian’ and look me in the eye anymore. I don’t mind telling you should you have the cojones to actually admit it to my face, my respect for you drops several points. [1]That is not to say, I discourage you from belief in God or a higher power in general.  Claiming ‘its your faith” is not an excuse anymore. Your “side” has made it clear the line has been drawn in the sand. You should be asking yourself, which side you are on?

Besides being responsible for more deaths than any other cause on the planet in our entire history, it seems that belief has become more important than right or wrong. The ‘religious right’ in this country have become extremists and a cult IMHO. They’ve taken up the banner of being in the “moral right” while using every dirty deceitful trick in the book to spread fear and hate. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but you are no longer the majority. You are fast relegating yourselves to the sidelines and will eventually become extinct. Not because of us but your own selfish narrow-minded behavior. When your convictions were tested, you failed miserably. You hide behind ‘your faith’ while resorting to the very tactics you claim to abhor in others. And to your draconian belief system I say good riddance. Offended? Lucky for you there is that lovely little X in the very right top corner of this window. Feel free to click it and never come back. My sympathy for you has been all used up. [2]As a side note, anyone claiming to be ‘christian in defense of their comments here will have their comments deleted.


The other half of my little rant today is about a disturbing trend I’ve noticed in general in our society lately. Specifically, people no longer seem to care about the truth when arguing an objective based on ‘morality’. You hear the word moral thrown around a lot in circles discussing everything from Obama to gay rights. The sad twist is many of these same folks stoop to deceit, half-truths, and outright lies to prove said moral point. I’m speaking mostly in relation to the gay rights struggle, but it is much broader than that. Seeing the lengths that people go thru to defame and trash our current president is astounding and shameful. He isn’t responsible for this current state of crisis and expecting him to fix it overnight is beyond foolish, it is stupid.

The ‘fundie” extremists and I do agree on one thing. Our society is facing a moral decay. It isn’t ‘the gays’ that are causing it though. It is our personal greed blinding us to the simple truth that we are no longer a righteous people. Western society has become nothing more than a bunch of controlling corrupt power mongering whiners focused on their own personal gain. We can’t say the word ‘fuck’ on prime time TV but it is perfectly acceptable behavior for hospitals to turn patients out into the street because they are too poor to pay for health care. Gays can’t get married but it is perfectly ok to defraud hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs so you can run a get-rich-quick scheme. No, we are too focused on me, me, me, me to care about our neighbors, fellow man, the planet, or the common decency that used to bind us all together.

So, is this where I complain about moving to another country or planet? No. Instead, I continue to live openly and honestly about who and what I am. I continue to see the good in all of us. I continue to behave in a way that I can be proud of and look back on without shame. I strive to better myself and move forward w/o the need to trample over my fellow man to do it. My own moral compass may be fractured and flawed in comparison but it still points me due North. I will follow it until the end of my days. Can you say the same?


1 That is not to say, I discourage you from belief in God or a higher power in general.
2 As a side note, anyone claiming to be ‘christian in defense of their comments here will have their comments deleted.

6 thoughts on “Morality Reloaded”

  1. My personal moral guideline- do nothing that will physically or mentally harm another person. I am an atheist who believes you only live once, therefore I think every person should have the opportunity to live well. It amazes me how many "christians" who hate homosexuals and abortions and womens' rights are the same set who fervently believe in capital punishment and going to war on obviously specious reasons (of course, we were killing Muslims so that was alright).

    There have been times I have violated my personal guidelines- telling a homophobic woman she was a cunt was the last time, but for the most part I do my part to make our planet a better place.

  2. My step-mother, whom I love very much, calls herself a "contagious christian" and has even traveled to Africa to pass out bibles and mosquito nets. She drive me crazy with her religious hypocrisy. Just the other day, she sent an email about how she'd like to bomb all the terrorist in the middle east – I immediately responded with something like "as Christians, shouldn't you love everyone… even Muslims?" Her response was a meager, oh I see, you're right. I think she finally got a clue how hypocritical she was/is.

    It's frustrating, but everyone has an innate need for approval from peers and an innate need to connect with a higher power. I'm sure she's part of a Christian cult which likes to exploit both, and she just doesn't realize it …yet.

  3. Like Homer, I too am an atheist whose morals are based upon the same basic principles. However I have no tolerance for those that oppose civil rights.

  4. Moby, I have to tell you that I am a devout and faith filled Christian.

    In fact, every time I see a tall, slender-muscular guy with long, chestnut colored hair and a beard, I get all Christ-lovin'. If I pray real hard, I end up on my knees, worshipping him.

    I got hit with a morals rap on the knuckles last week by a dippy, but extremely hot guy at the bar. Called me a TRAMP. I met him and his hot best friend a few weeks ago at the bar. He gave me his number and we set a date. Later that night, I ran into the best friend at BB's and we had sex. So sue me. He was there, I was there, he pulled out a big cock….what am I suppose to do? So the best friend (who was very hot) goes right home and calls my future ex date and tells him all about it. Mr. sanctimonious texts me and calls me Jezebel.

    I prefer Ho.

  5. I'm an atheist who enjoys life as it unfolds and I try not to intentionally inflict anguish, pain or sorrow on anyone along the way to wherever I may be headed in my life's journey.

  6. Moby; I guess I would drop few points in your view if we talked one on one. IMHO, the state should stay out of who has union with whom…as long as bestiality or child molestation remain illegal.I do not have any patience with bigotry, even where there is disagreement.

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