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First off, we (the Union) were able to come to an agreeable compromise last week that resulted in not only our own staffing not getting cut but also saved another 900+ jobs citywide.1


We had a good ride again this last Friday. We only ended up taking a couple pics. At least I don’t look like a beached whale in this one. I loved the route, we ended up going thru a lot of the windmills North of the City. I’ve always had a thing for windmills. I guess because we never had any in Texas.2

We had a our first girl join the group this last week. She was sweet and fit in well but I kind of got a kick out of how she pulled turns. I’m thinking maybe because she was so petite she has to pull her weight more to lean that big Ducati she drives. It was a bit comical watching her pull her body to the side on regular turns as if she was doing a really tight turn super fast.3 She was cool though and we had fun with her. We have another ride coming this Friday. A similar route in reverse this time. I’m stoked!


People have been asking about the boy. Yes, I’m still enjoying being a new daddy. No, I ain’t sharing those stories.4 What I will say, he is as charming and endearing as ever. He always seems to put a smile on my face and a chub in m pants. What’s not to like? Seriously though, if he lived closer, I’d be in trouble.


I got more than a few emails about the last post. Some people felt I was “attacking” religion. Two things, read it again and I don’t care. I’ve picked my side and completely comfortable with that.

  1. The caveat is 2 ballot initiatives in November have to pass. []
  2. Texas and windmills, yeah right! []
  3. If you’ve ever ridden a bike, you know that you can almost do anything with a bike just by shifting your body weight. []
  4. They ARE juicy though. []

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