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Ok, so not to be a douche or a heartless bastard but standing in line at a fast food restaurant and bitching about why your very large ass can’t loose weight is probably not the best solution. In fact, it shows that you are just unwilling to make an effort. Don’t get me wrong, loosing weight is hard work. But you didn’t gain 75+ lbs overnight and expecting to loose it so quickly is unrealistic. It takes a methodical  consistent approach with room for failed attempts.

I get so tired of folks who are overweight complaining and yet doing nothing about it. And before you go off on the medical conditions, only a very tiny tiny percentage of the actual population suffers from said conditions. It may not be all your fault but it is your problem.

Let’s be real. We live in a society where convenience and speed is valued more than health. We’ve become obsessed with the “instant gratification” mentality in almost every aspect of our lives. Even our schools no longer focus on promoting and teaching good nutrition. Hell, the very people who supply us our food go out of their way to trick us with misleading labels. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our culture is mostly overweight.

That said, at the end of the day it is ultimately up to each and everyone of us to keep ourselves healthy. Sitting back and whining while shoveling a weeks worth of dietary fat content down your gullet in on sitting is not the answer. And while not always the most convenient, there are plenty of ways to eat healthier. At the end of the day, if more people walked away from the convenience of fast food and focused on healthy eating, companies would sit up, take notice, and provide a healthier product.


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  1. You heartless douche! How could you? Now, get out of my way – this tray of Big Macs ain't going to walk themselves over to that tiny table over there you know. And stop looking at my large fries!

  2. I eat what I want (I'm piggish), but I am not fat. What is my secret? Plenty of intense cardio! Tennis does the body good. I truly believe that kids and adults are simply not getting enough exercise.

  3. I did a four month gig for a company that came up with this ingenious hundred point scale of nutritive value. The higher the number, the more nutritious.

    After scoring thousands of grocery items against this process I noted a pattern.

    If it had fat, salt or sugar in it the score plummeted. Good example is broccoli. By itself it scored very high. Add cheese and the score dropped like a rock.

    They tried signing up manufacturers to no avail. Now of course you get those cute little panels in green telling you calorie counts, fat counts etc. but not giving you an easy way to compare products.

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