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So Gay High Holy Day #3 [1]Folsom St Fair has come and gone. This year Apple guy had a booth to launch his tshirt/jock business. Below is a picture of the booth setup and ready to go. I volunteered to help him with the booth.


Whacha think? Looking sharp huh? The hubby did all the artwork/designs for not only the shirts but also his logo and posters. I’m really proud of him. Considering we were behind the gun from the git-go, we turned out an awesome booth. There were a lot of unexpected delays in the process and to turn out such a good product deserves some serious kudos, IMHO.

We did pretty well at the fair. Not as much as we were hoping but I think that had more to do with outside factors than anything he did or didn’t do. We definitely got the name and product out there in people’s minds. As soon as the websites go live we are full steam ahead! I will be calling in favors from EVERYONE to help give us a good jumpstart! Oh yeah bitches, I’m calling in all my favors! lol Operators are standing by…

Anyway, the most irritating problem thru the whole process has been paypal. He was all setup to use them for the credit card processing when his account got hacked and then somehow tied to two fraudulent accounts. Paypal’s customer service has been on par with AT&T’s. Seriously, all my bitching about zipcar pales in comparison to Paypal. They basically don’t give a flying fuck and we are looking at months (yes, I said months) before his account gets sorted out.  Needless to say, he has decided to ditch them. [2]I have too 

I’ll be posting links to the sites soon so be ready! lol Seriously, the hubby has some awesome tshirt and jock designs, some edgy and some just plain funny. And you’ll be doing a ‘solid’ by helping him get off the ground.


1 Folsom St Fair
2 I have too

8 thoughts on “Post Folsom”

  1. The booth looks excellent. Hard to see the merchandise detail on screen, but the name is very good. Me like. My paypal acct also got hacked. I caught it after only one purchase was made. It took PayPal about 8-10 days to restore my acct. You're right. Customer service was lame.

    I do art shows quite a bit. People here use ProPay. They give you a little card swiper that stores the information til you get home and can download it. I've been getting a lot of checks lately. I haven't had a bad one yet. Most of my sales are under fifty bucks though.

    Good luck. Can't wait for the on-line buying to begin!!

  2. Aye, PayPal sucks. But they're owned by eBay, so what do you expect? I'll need to head over to the website to see the shirts!

  3. Hey Moby,

    Can you please let me know what's up with the whole PayPal thing?

    I can see what I can do. I normally don't reach out like this but I want to make it right if I can.


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