Cooper will officially be 3 years old in June. And he is definitely moving into adult-hood. One of his recent changes is a lack of urgency. He has always been a bit eager. Sometimes he’s even a bit too eager. I’m sure being left alone a lot by his previous owner didn’t help that. Up until recently, he’s always been very anxious when I’m leaving or just moving around the apt. He’ll immediately jump up and walk around with me to see what I’m up to. In public, he’s always pulling to be with me or bouncing around sniffing, peeing, or being nosey. As he gets older he is certainly moving away from that.

These days he tends to take his sweet time unless I push him along. lol He doesn’t mope but he just isn’t rushed. I think it is a sign of his continual adjustment to his life with me. He realizes I’m not going to leave him and if I do leave him at some point, he knows I’m coming back. He doesn’t fear being left so no need to stay under my feet. I’m happy about that of course. Many of our regular haunts, he walks in and just plops down in his usual spot until I’m ready to leave. At Starbucks, it is right in front of the pick up spot. It has a slight in cut and he fits there perfectly without being in the way. At the bagel shop, there is this weird little cubby spot in the front counter as well. Once again he plops down until I’m finished eating and/or called to get up. Same with the post office. lol He is very used to the route we take to places in the hood. He still gets a bit rambunctious at the dog park at times. He always seems to want to try and dominate the big dogs.1  Otherwise, he pretty much ignores the dogs and runs around marking everything.

He can still get pretty worked up but for the most part he is mellowing out pretty well. I bet as he ages he turns into a big snoring cushion. lolol Mark my words, he is realizing very quickly how good his life is and he is taking full advantage of it. Regardless, I love my companion and he loves me. It brings me untold joy to know he loves and enjoys his life.

  1. I have NO idea where he gets that from! lol []

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