**Thru a random keystroke I accidentally posted this before it was complete. It’s what I get for mutil-tasking and watching the Sharks game. For you subscribers, sorry for the double emails…**

I ran into a random blog reader a couple weeks back at Starbucks. He was very excited to meet me. I was a taken aback just a little bit by his anxiety though. He seemed absolutely terrified! I say it as a declarative, not to poke fun. Tommy was so timid and I could tell it really took a lot to come say hi. We sat around for a bit chatting and killing time. Apparently, he lives in LA but happened to be in SF for a weekend and just happened to bump into me. He has been reading my blog as a lurker [1]Affectionate term given to those who read but never comment since 2005! I know, right!

Anyway, after we had chatted for a bit I guess he realized he didn’t have to be nervous. He confessed he was surprised 1) I was so friendly, and 2) I was so funny. This always gives me pause because if you know me in person, you know what a nutball I can be. And this isn’t the first time someone has mentioned it to me. I guess I just don’t do a good enough job bringing my sense of humor out in the blog very often. [2]I’m not sure I convinced him to start commenting though.

I blame the lack of humor on why and how I blog. In an effort to train myself to be objective about my behaviors and triggers, I somehow managed to filter out my humor. I also tend to be speak very directly. In person, this is softened up with my inflection but online I’m sure it can come across more terse. I think my humor does peak thru from time to time, but I admit I think I do a poor job of really letting it shine.

I do plan to work on it. I hate the idea that folks would come away thinking I’m too serious or ‘no fun.’ Lawd, if you only knew! On a side rant, I’m headed back to Texas for the first time in like forever around the end of the month. I’ll be reuniting with both of my besties which should be the final test of Shawn and I’s relationship. If he can survive a whole weekend with the three of us terrors together, it is definitely love! hehehe


1 Affectionate term given to those who read but never comment
2 I’m not sure I convinced him to start commenting though.

2 thoughts on “Funny”

  1. I have never gotten the sense that you are too serious and not fun. In fact, I think in certain ways you’d be hella fun! 😉

  2. I probably would freak a little if I ran in to you in person…like you’re a celebrity, or something. I’ve been semi-lurking since WAY back when..about 8 months in to your blogging. I used to comment as Lacey_louloulou (my Australian Shep). Unfortunately, Lacey is gone now. That was THE most difficult day of my life. Anyway, I still read you, and just about no one else except J.M.G. Used to be, first thing I did when I got to work would be to read “my” bloggers. The thing is, the reader (thinks he) knows the blogger inside and out, but the blogger (mostly) has no idea who is reading him. I think it tends to be mostly a one way “relationship”, if you can even consider it that. Anyway, blah blah blah. Oh yeah, I still read homer.

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