On a Happier Note

So I’m sitting at Daddybucks (Starbucks) in the Castro doing my best to enjoy the new laptop. I’ve spent the last few days tweaking it and getting “stuff” transferred from the PC. I must admit I’m more than happy w/it. I just need to find a backpack big enough for it now. I bought one but it doesn’t quite do the job so I’m probably gonna send it back.

Its a muggy chilly day here in SF. Its been raining alot and a new storm is headed this way. We got some severe weather alerts at work so have been preparing for some major flooding. The ground is so saturated now if any new heavy rains hit its gonna get messy.

Hey! a a hot fucker just walked by. . .

No Nonsense to Report

Today was so-so. Gym, work, home. Work is ok, have a trainee again this rotation so busy w/her. Only thing worth mentioning is my troubles w/bluetooth. As you know, I have the new laptop coming which is due to arrive later this week. Well with that comes a free USB Printer. Which of course means one more wire snaking under the desk.

I decided to invest in a bluetooth dongle to help alleviate some of the freakin’ wires. If I can convert the PDA cradle and the new printer to bluetooth that does away w/4 wires. I can’t wait for everything to go bluetooth or wifi. Anway, so I get home from work and I’m setting up the PDA to sync wirelessly. . . Of course, the darn thing doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. I end up playing with it for well over an hour before I get it working correctly. When the printer arrives, I’m sure that will be a new challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching. I actually get a kick out of troubleshooting gadgets. I usually come away w/a much larger understanding of the inner workings. I just wish it didn’t pick the most inopportune times to happen. Now of course, none of the laundry is done. *G*

Ben Browder Joins Stargate SG1!

Yeah, I’m a scifi freak I know this. Anyway, I’m blogrolling and I discover from another rant that Ben Browder (the handsome hunk from Farscape) is joining the next season of Stargate SG-1! Of course, I clicked right over to scifi’s website to verify if was true. Now how perfect is that I ask you? You take the best looking farm fed hunk since white bread and you add him to Scifi’s #1 series of all time. Wahooo! The season premiere is right after my birthday so I’m gonna be beside myself till then.

Ignunce Rears It’s Ugly Head

This is an old subject for me. However, it has just dawned on me, I’ve never really mentioned it on any of my rants here. I take the issue of religion and being gay to heart. I spent a large chunk of my adolescent life searching for a balance between what I thought were the teachings of the Almighty and my own conscience.

Today’s nonsense is courtesy of an interesting blog from Dunner. Dunner often offers some great insights into every day occurrences which is probably why I read his blog daily. But I digress, the topic stems from an old article posted at the LaCrosse Tribune in Wisconsin. Specifically, regarding a Ms. Peaslee’s ongoing rants about the do’s and don’ts of living a godly christian life. Or more specifically, Ms. Peaslees complete fascination with “homosexuals”. (At this point, I’d like to refer Ms. Peaslee to my good friend Betty Bowers, whom I’m told has a much more intimate connection to Jesus.)

I digress, the topic stems from an article posted by Ms. Peaslee condemning homosexuals. Now take into account, the articles are a bit old and apparently Ms. Peaslee doesn’t post many opinions these days. Anyway, after reading thru Ms. Peaslee’s ongoing rants a picture started to unfold. A picture of a lonely bitter shell of a woman, trapped by her empty and futile life, trying desperately to regain some modicum of control by lashing out at anything she fears or doesn’t understand. Ms. Peaslee’s undying conviction and righteousness is reminiscent of my own childhood. Not because I had any such convictions mind you. No, I was constantly surrounded by those claiming to be the mighty servants of the Almighty. Servants who, in reality, were tiny frail human beings desperately trying to shake their own feelings of inadequacy by attacking anyone who threatened to upset their delicate convictions. Of course, that includes gays/lesbians as well. Ya know, I’m amazed I survived childhood w/any sort of sanity left about me. I digress again, apologies. It’s really quite easy to turn the tables against such simpletons. My favorite, and most annoying choice is by using the very item that they hold most dear, the bible. When Jesus came, he told his followers, “the old law is dead to you [meaning the old testament], your new covenant is with me”. (For those of you not up on the bible. The Old Testament is where most of the supposed “condemnations” against gays are found.) Last time I checked scripture, Jesus taught love, acceptance, and tolerance of all. It always amazes me the power such a simple statement can have over the religious not-so-right. The other option tends to be a little more complex. You have to purchase or at least find an original translation of the bible. Keep in mind the bible was originally written in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. Once you start reviewing these so called “gay scriptures”, you find that very few actually refer to gays/lesbians and fewer still offer any sort of condemnation or “eternal fire” for the “abominations”. To this day, it still mystifies me how such a simple truth is so well hidden from the masses. And what annoys me, is that many of the religious “powers that be” have to know what they are teaching is a fallacy.

Ok, I’ve beat this holy horse to death. I’ve off my rocker now.

IE Error – Fixed!

It drove me nuts until I fixed it, so I did. The blog should now display correctly in Internet Explorer. I guess there were some errors in nesting tags from the original template. (Meaning, I didn’t create the errors by adding my stuff to it, they were already there) While other browsers are apparently much more forgiving, IE is not. It has to be PERFECT. In the process, I learned a whole lot about style sheets. So not a bad trade off. I also brought back the navbar. I figure since blogger is letting me use this site for free, its the least I can do. *G*

The really good news is I now know enough about CSS (cascading style sheets) to do this on my own. I’ve already copied the flash files over to my own domain and updated the links. This way if the old site goes down or does away w/the template, I’m not screwed on my design. I also need to finish updating the old homepage. I still have bleed over links left in from the blog. I rarely give it out so its not priority #1 per say.

I guess you can say I’m a true geek. I kept waking up last night w/ideas on possible errors in the code. I literally had to force myself to sleep twice in the night. How scary is that? So long story cut short, I fixed the damn thing. Smitty will be so happy!

IE Display Faults

Ok, I don’t use Internet Explorer but I just discovered today at work that my blog is displaying incorrectly when using IE. I thought it might be the defaults on the text settings but that doesn’t work either. The odd part is that if I open the template and preview it, it shows fine. Yet when I reload the page it still shows a huge gap at the top of the page. Annoying to say the least.

Well, since I don’t use IE, I really don’t plan to spend a lot of effort trying to fix it. Apologies, to anyone in advance if it displays weird on your screens.

Blade – Trinity

In all of my rants yesterday, I was so excited about the new look of my blog, I totally forgot to bring up the fact that I watched Blade: Trinity. I have mixed feelings on the 3rd installment. It is by the same director but, he changed the format up a bit. Completely different soundtrack. Some good, some bad I thought. There was more action in this one for sure. Lots of vampires bite the blade, so to speak. *G* Lots of fight scenes but, the thinner plot combined w/the new soundtrack just didn’t pack the same punch in my opinion.

I’m sure my blogger buddy Smitty, will be in heaven as Dominic Purcell turns out a pretty decent performance as the #1 bad guy of all time, Dracula. He is a hottie, that ain’t no lie. I much prefer Ryan Reynolds myself. OY! Ok, Ok, back to the topic. I got alot out of the first two. The plots were decent enough to make us forget reality for a minute mixed w/a kick ass soundtrack that kept you going thru out the flick. Don’t get me wrong, part 3 is worth the 8 or 9 bucks but, don’t expect to come away awed by it.

Whole New Look – 2nd Edition

I have been a busy boy today. First, I decided since I liked the new blog template so much why not apply it to my old home page. It was horribly out-of-date. I am happy to report that the old site has a brand new look as well. I haven’t finished it yet so there are still a few links to the blog archives etc. I’ve always wanted my home page and my blog to blend better and I got my wish, finally. There was so much in the old template I didn’t understand I was afraid to breath while editing it sometimes. This one looks fancier, only because of the shockwave file on top. The rest is pretty basic. I say “basic” in the loosest of terms. It took me a couple of hours to figure out some of the CSS code. And there is some I still haven’t figured out yet.

Second, I was able to snatch up the mobius.name domain today. I’ve been trying to get one of the higher TLD’s (top level domains, ie. .com, .net, .org, etc) for years now w/no luck. I was ecstatic that I actually got it! (again, see afore mentioned comments about karma) It has put me in the best of moods. I’m feeling right proud of myself. *big grin*

Now What?

The DSL tech just left and my service is back up and working. Apparently, a wire was missing on their equipment box. Exactly, how does that happen? Did a wire just suddenly combust or dissolve into dust? Anyway, he replaced it and wahooo! DSL!

Now that the DSL is up, I don’t have much to complain about. Everything is slowly getting back to normal. OMG! What if my life is completely drama free for a really long time and I can’t blog! How will I survive? How will my fellow blog buddies survive? *G* Fear not fellow bloggers, I have tons of rants so this is not the end of the Moby files! hehehe

Happy Holidays!

Today’s Ramblings

I’m feeling pretty good about myself today. I’m slowly getting stuff unpacked, etc. I’m doing my darndest to get back into an everyday routine again. For an Aquarian, thats an odd thing but, I need some stability right now.

Its nice to see all the Xmas blogs going around. I won’t be spending much this Xmas on pressies as I’m flat broke. That said, I’m more into the spirit of it anyway so I’m not really upset over it. Not to mention, I’m normally a big spender so I think my friends/family can bear w/me this year. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m blue over the ex not being here but, life does go on right?

Anyway, as expected my DSL is down. This time both the phone line and the DSL are screwed up. The tech is coming tomorrow to look into it. Luckily, someone in the area has an open access point so I’ve been able to piggy back via wifi for the last couple of days. That said, the signal is weak so I keep losing it. I’m amazed how much technology I take for granted in my everyday life. Not only that, I’m always surprised at how quickly wifi has been adapted by the masses. I’m on the 5th floor and I can pick up 5-9 wifi points at any given time. All are encrypted so I can use’em but, thats alot!

Gotta cut this one short as it is time to head off to work.