The Not so Happy Cheney’s

Apparently, all is not peaches in the Cheney Household. Ms Cheney took offense to some of the comments made my John Kerry during the debate.

I think the Cheney’s secretly support their daughter and have had their hands tied by a twisted conservative administration. Her startling absence from most functions only adds to this belief.

If they had any moral backbone, they would come out publicly in support of their daughter. Of course, we know thats not gonna happen…Oh well, one can dream.

Thanks to Dunner

So I’m scrolling thru some of my favorite blogs and I stumble across dunners blog about a pharmacist in Nowhereville who decides because of his religion – he is NOT going to refill a woman’s birth control prescription. THIS is what the future will be like for everyone if GW BUSH gets re-elected to another term. The Bushwacked Administration, as I like to call’em, are steadfastly eroding all the protections and rights that we’ve worked hard for over the last 20 years. Take a gander at his blog and read for yourself.

On a separate rant…For all the closed minded individuals out there, here is some disappointing news I’m afraid. Another study that shows that being “gay” is not a choice. Hide behind fear and ignunce while you can, your days of propagating hatred are coming to an end!

Changes to the Blog

Because of annoying pest I’ve had to lock my blog down. This way if said person chooses to continue to harass me he can be tracked and dealt with. My apologies to any non bloggers in advance.

New Digs

Well, looks like I might be moving. A buddy of mine from work is renting out his house and just came from checking it out. Wasn’t really expecting it but its too good to pass up. I’m getting a 1300 sq ft 2bedroom house w/all the appliances including w/d, hard wood floors and 2 car garage for less than I’m paying for a 1bedroom apt. Not to mention a nice jacuzzi bathtub to boot!

Wasn’t really expecting to take it as its kinda out of the area I’d like to be in. That said, w/the split, I need to save money and try and back on track a bit. I’m willing to forego convenience to save some major fundage!

Now I have to swithc gears, so to speak, and get my butt moving. Crap to get done. I forgot to take the camera so will have to post pics later.

Today’s nonesense

Nothing really special about today. Was out late so didn’t make the gym. Loafed around most of the morning watching the tube.

Work was another story….Total ignunce!

I do have one rant though. It has to do w/politics. I normally keep that sort of stuff to myself but I get so annoyed at people sometimes. So today, chicky that works w/me is just bitching/whining up a storm about all the things wrong w/this country. So I ask her, “who did you vote for?”. Her classic response, “Oh, I don’t vote, it doesn’t count anyway”. I would have slapped her but I think shit splatters! I mean come on. You have the right to get your ass out and be counted in who gets to run this country. Sure its fucked sometimes but there are not many other places I’d rather live. I don’t care who you vote for, if you open your piehole to complain about it, you better be voting. Way I see it, if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. So whats it gonna be? (ok, taking a valium …ahhh better now)

Time Away

Booked a trip to Fort Lauderdale today. I have some more vacation time coming up soon and I think I’ll take a nice long weekend trip to relax and clear my head. I love FTL and its recovering nicely from the beating it got from Ivan. A couple buddies from back in big ole TX are gonna fly over w/me so it promises to be a good time.

On a side note, I’ve been meditating alot lately and it really helps. I’ve never really been a big fan of meditation simply because I don’t have the patience. Its amazing how you change w/age. (G) I highly recommend it to anyone. I work in a job that tends to leave me w/lots of negative energy. The meditation helps me get rid of it. Who da thunk?

Nice & Not So Nice Comments

Thanks to everyone who has sent me such supportive emails. I’m very flattered and truly touched. In a world thats shrinking daily, its nice to see people still care enough to reach out to another soul in trouble. Really made my day reading some of the comments. Of course, thanks go out to my blogging buddy Smitty.

That said, one particular person chose to make some really rude comments out of anger. First off, this is MY blog and I’ll simply delete the comments. DUH! That said, I’ll address your issues anyway. If you ever had any chance of getting back in my good graces, it just went down the tubes w/my breakup. He was the one person who was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt even after all your drama.