So everyone is chomping at the bit for more news about "the boy". Actually, its been ages since a post on my blog generated so much feedback, online and off. I’ve even enjoyed the jibes from offline friends. First, I made a typo in the last post. He is 46 not 42. No, he didn’t deceive me, I knew his real age. Yes, we are still talking. No, I am not moving to LA nor is he moving here. [1]I’m not exactly sure how my last post conveyed anything like that.

It has been and continues to be an unusual experience for me. I’m enjoying it and I still find myself wanting to take on the role for the boy. He continues to be just as eager. We talk pretty much daily. I’m not really sure where things will evolve. Nor am I trying to force it into anything in particular. The boy has managed to show me parts of myself that I wasn’t even sure existed. For that, I will always be grateful.

One reader who is apparently deep into the scene has inferred that this will change my entire life and I’ll find myself subsumed by the role and scene. And while his inference (and advice) implies it to be a good thing, I humbly disagree. My focus thru this blog has always been about becoming a more well-rounded person. And while this experience has certainly been enlightening, I have no intention of molding myself into a pre-defined image of anything or anyone. Being well-rounded means recognizing parts of yourself and then reconciling those parts into the id as a whole. So don’t expect me to give up mani/pedi’s and/or start wearing leather full time. It ain’t gonna happen. lol


Work was a bit busy last week. Besides normal workload increases for warm weather, our contract re-negotiations are coming to a close soon. Surmising a very long winded story, we had two offers so far. The irony was the first offer was a better offer but because it was overly complex, most employees were resoundingly against it. The feedback was so bad the Union didn’t even bring the offer to a vote. The City had gambled on playing hardball but when it realized how poorly it was going, they came back to the table for round two.

The second offer is simpler in design and seems to have much broader support even though we will be giving up a lot more than the first offer. If anything, it just goes to show that the ’mob mentality’ is still as strong as ever in our society. I get to spend all day tomorrow explaining the new offer to the membership. Joygasm!


1 I’m not exactly sure how my last post conveyed anything like that.

3 thoughts on “Interest”

  1. Everyone has their own idea of what a Daddy is. Just because you have one idea of what a Daddy is, doesn't mean that's what you have to become. Define being a Daddy for yourself. Your Daddy/boy relationship will be unique and whatever you both define.

    Never let the rules and stereotypes of the world create your definition of things, be the rebel I know you are and create your own rules and perception of the world around us.

  2. In the big scheme – there are no rules and no true roles for us to play. It is the ones we opt into that are comfortable to us – and that's what we gravitate to.

    It's great that you're exploring this, but open-minded enough to know it may or may not be anything.

    I'd say we are only limited by ourselves, but we know there are external forces that impede what and how we do things. Go with the flow until you find it or it doesn't feel right.

    You'll know.

  3. I've not heard the work "joygasm" before…I'm definitely stealing it. How can I work that in a conversation at the office? hmmm

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