Someone has repeatedly been trying to hack my calendar site.  I got a notice from my ISP a couple months back regarding an intrusion attempt on my calendar’s RSS feed.  I disabled that.  Today, I discovered a new ics file loaded into my calendar directory.  It was incorrectly formatted so the program wouldn’t run it.  However, a quick perusal of the base file showed a redirect command.  I googled the redirect site and it came back as a trojan.

Annoyed with the apparent software vulnerabilities, I nixed the entire program.  I did export my data file into Gcal (google’s version) beforehand.  As fates would have it, there is a nifty plug in for Thunderbird that lets me update and modify the Gcal version just as easily as I did my original.

Not than anyone really cares about my schedule…

Random Pic

Da Omna Santis

Originally uploaded by ibod8x5

I’m fast becoming addicted to flickr. I swore off of it for quite some time however, the site is just so damn convenient it is too hard to say no. I regretted actually paying for a premium account but, being a control freak, the yearly $25.00 won’t kill me.

I decided I would randomly post pics from flickr just for shits and grins. I took this one a while back at the old Sutro baths here. I have no idea what the latin inscription means or even if it is real.

Confuscious Say…

My little post yesterday set off a shit storm of emails.  Sorry, I forget sometimes my reader base is constantly changing. 

The long term readers knew what I meant however, I got a ton of confused emails over the NSFW post.  Yes, I restrict the more explicit parts of blog.1  Mainly, as family and coworkers sometimes stumble over it.  Frankly, I don’t care to share my exploits with them.

If you care to see such things, you have to register NOT subscribe.  Subscribing just shoots you an email when I update.  Once, you’ve introduced yourself, I’m happy to boost your access level.  Click the lower left link marked "login/register".

Be warned, your universal WordPress login will not work (yet).  I’m looking at some plugins that might change that.  However, you can recreate the same user/password to keep it simple.  I know, "God, what a hassle" right?  Well them’s the breaks, suck it up if you want access to the nitty gritty. *g* 

So there you have it.  The grand scheme revealed.  Nothing so exciting as many of you inquired.  Just a modicum of restriction.  No, I’m not doing porn.2 No, I’m not ashamed, I’m just not stupid.  No, I’m not telling hidden stories about other bloggers.3

Again, sorry for the confusion.  In my defense, I am 37 now.  They say the memory is first to go.  (shaddup Brett)

  1. There is more explicit? Yes, a shocker huh? []
  2. that one made me laugh []
  3. Good lord, some of you need to get out more. []

Blog or Blog

I decided to switch from Windows Live Writer back to Post2blog. WLW is nice and functions well but, I don’t care for all the extraneous code it adds to the posts. As usual Microsoft screws up a great product with overkill.

Post2blog isn’t as polished as WLW however, it gets the job done and offers a few extra nifty editing functions. Best of all, it doesn’t add more html code than necessary. Simple, functional and best of all, free!

Techno-crap II

So, I’ve finally given up on technorati ever getting their act together and functioning.  If you don’t know, the company uses a system that basically tells who is linking to who.  It also has a ranking system based on how many links a person gets.  The problem is it rarely works.  Or at the very least, it works in spurts.  They seem to be constantly adding more algorithms to their list of links but still nothing.  Of course, I’m also overlooking that the entire system is flawed and easily spoofed.   

Hopefully, someone (are you paying attention Google?) will come along and design a system that actually works.  *le sigh*

Missing Pieces

You may have noticed my blogroll is missing. Never fear, I’m bringing it back. I decided I didn’t like the top banner so I’m tinkering w/some other options. I’ve already added the categories and archives back (see left column). I like things on the home page to be clean and simple.

I like the dropdown menu idea however, I want it to look more like the existing column links. Not being java friendly, I’m experimenting with some code. A few of you already noticed some unexpected glitches.1 I know, I know, it if ain’t broke don’t fix it. Well I can’t help it. It’s what I do.

  1. Can you say “oops”? []

Long Day

Its been a long day. I was off today but had lots of errands planned. I was originally supposed to go to the gym but I’m still feeling a bit down so I wrote that off. Which was probably a good thing as I have a bit of a sore throat again. I keep thinking good thoughts…”get well, get well, get well…..” *g*

So I had a meeting w/the chairman of the Bare Chest Calendar in the late afternoon. He was a bit late, but not overly so, and he did call so no biggie there. We got off to a good start. He has some good ideas for the direction of the website and was very ok w/me changing the code up to fit my needs. The previous person was more into Java and less into html and I’m more into xhtml and CSS. Some of the code was overly complex for simple functions. Or, more correctly, its easier just to write it w/CSS instead of Java. With that in mind, I’m completely rewriting the site. Even better the chairman has heavy graphics experience which is my one lacking area. This just means I won’t be overtaxed trying to keep up w/their demands along w/the other domain and a full 40hr work week.

The other domain, thru my old company, hasn’t even decided on a new logo yet. Until they work out the details, any work on their site is on hold. Again, a bonus for me. Gives me time to focus on one at a time.

I got my days mixed up and I rushed home thinking I was running late for my grocery delivery. After getting home, I realized its tomorrow instead. (I get my groceries delivered via Safeway. Way easier than trying to pack them all into my scooter)

To finish off the day, I had a community meeting at one of the police stations. All of the stations in they city have community meetings once a month to help connect withe the community as well as give the community a chance to express their ideas, problems, complaints, etc. I totally expected it to be a bitch-a-thon. It wasn’t. It wasn’t very busy due in part to the weather being overly cold today. What I didn’t know was this month’s meeting was primarily about my job. Two of the supervisors were also in attendance. You could tell one was a bit nervous about speaking in front of people but she pulled it off well. The other, much like myself, was totally comfortable speaking in front of a large group. All in all it went pretty well.

Not much me time today. Course, tomorrow is wide open. Still haven’t done laundry, dishes, blah blah blah….