I was supposed to work out my chest today but felt kinda blah. I’m either fighting off a cold/flu or my allergies are acting up. Either way, I switched to my lats/glutes since my concentration was off a bit. All I need is to injury myself in a moment of carelessness. I still managed to get my workout in but it was lackluster. I’m gonna grab one of the Odwalla Wellness drinks on the way to work. Nothing like a good lymphatic flush to get you feeling better again.


On a side note, I started a new tumblr blog focused on my self-portraits. No nothing x-rated but still not always something I want posted here. My blog is known by more than a few of my coworkers and there are just some things about me they don’t need to read about! lolol 

I wonder how many of you here can guess what the URL is? Don’t post it but if you find it post a comment there. heehee


MeI’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard lately even with my crazy work schedule. I think I overdid it this last week though. Thursday, I started feeling achy and run down at work. I was afraid I was getting sick. That night I tossed and turned all night from achiness so ended up not getting much sleep. [1]Apple guy neglected to mention he’d taken the last of the Ambien. *ahem*

Friday rolls around, I’m feeling less achy but exhausted from lack of sleep and developed a lovely migraine. Joygasm! I got some stomach problems as well so maybe it was a combination of both. I called off from work and literally laid on the couch all day relaxing. I napped off/on until about dinner when I finally dragged my carcass out of the house for some dinner. Feeling a tiny bit better but still achy my stomach was demanding food. lol I ended up having sushi with my buddy Nikitas. Probably not the best choice considering but it hit the spot.

Saturday, I’m feeling almost like my old self again. The stomach is returning to normal and the achiness had abated. I didn’t have a sore throat or fever so I figure maybe I was just worn down.

Ironically, I feel totally guilty for not being in the gym. lol Lately, I’ve been trying to hit the smaller non-primary muscles that I often neglect. I think they decided to fight back. Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Google+, you’ve already seen my latest pics. I included one to show off my had work. How do ya think I’m doing?



1 Apple guy neglected to mention he’d taken the last of the Ambien. *ahem*

Progress II

I’m still on the mend. I’ve already regained about 90% of my range of motion. There is very little discomfort in most daily tasks. I’m pretty much back to normal except for a few areas. I obviously can’t work out yet. I go back to the doc on the 20th to see how the bone is healing. Odd angles of pressure still bother me but its more of an annoyance vs real problem. The biggest issue is I can’t sleep on that side yet. Not being able to sleep on my back or stomach, I get restless a lot at night sleeping on just one side trying to remain comfortable. [1]Apple guy being in Texas at the moment isn’t helping.   I’ve resorted back to Ambien to get me thru the nights. It’s the only drug I’ve found so far that doesn’t leave me all groggy and lethargic in the mornings.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it but the bike was totaled. *sigh*  I’m gonna walk away w/about $3500 after the loan is paid off. Considering I financed the bike at $8k, that’s pretty good. I sent off the powr of attorney paperwork which is the last step in the process. That’s the good news. The bad news is my debt load has increased since I last purchased a bike and I’m worried I may not qualify for a low interest rate. I don’t have anything in the negative but carrying a high debt load does factor into the loan process. I’m hoping because its thru my credit union I will luck out. Keep your fingers crossed.

I’m gonna look for another 07-08 gixxr 750. I love the style and fit of the bike and I miss my beast something fierce. Worst case scenario, if I don’t get a good loan, I’ll work some massive overtime at work and just save up some cash to buy one outright. I’m not really looking to go that route as I’m not big on overtime these days.

My mood is up and down. I hate not being able to work out and with the erratic sleep, I’m cranky and irritable most days now. Another reason for the Ambien. The holiday is fast approaching and I can’t seem to find my xmas spirit. I’m sure it will hit me eventually but I wish it would hurry up already. lol Of course, I could always change my name to Scrooge McGrinch. lol


1 Apple guy being in Texas at the moment isn’t helping.


This is about how I felt over the weekend. LOL [1]I got a bronchial infection related to my allergies. Ugh! I’m still recovering but at least I’m back to being functional today.

Apple guy made me plenty of soup and all around helped take care of me. I rarely get sick but I’m such a baby when I do. Thankfully, I was only down and out for a couple days. I’ve been trying to get full nights sleep and taking it easy the last few days. So far, its helping.

I probably should have stayed home today as well but the boredom might have killed me sooner so here I am at work. Thankfully, its been slow so far.


1 I got a bronchial infection related to my allergies.


I was reminded today of how I still need to work on my temper at times. Granted, the incident wasn’t of my doing but I over reacted nonetheless.

I’m leaving the gym and this woman (obviously of the lesbian persuasion) slams into me as she is coming in. I was all prepared to be nice about it, expecting her apology, when I heard those two little words…”fucking faggot”.

Now in my mind, the southern black women welled up in me with, “oh no she dinnn’t!” However, the bastard in me [1]satan made me do it, I just know it! took over and before I had even ‘thunk’ it out flew the words, “what did you just call me you fucking fish-fry c*nt?” She was clearly not expecting it but it was already too late. She got two full minutes of Moby’s get-in-your-face, eyes slitted, make a sailor blush obscenities. Poor thing, before she even had a chance to counter, I had not only countered but also attacked and conquered. Needless to say, she stormed away in huff.

Looking back on it, I really don’t know why I got so upset. It was pointless and nothing was really solved by my behavior. I guess it was just so unexpected from one of my own, so to speak, I just reverted to defense mode. Irregardless, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I behaved so badly.

If anything, it shows I still have anger issues. I guess that will be one of my resolutions for the new year.


1 satan made me do it, I just know it!

Ho Hum

I can’t seem to get overly worked up over Gay High Holy Day #2 [1]Up your Ally street fair, formerly known as Dore Alley this year. I think it stems mostly from my schedule. I’ve been pushing myself these last few months and I’m realizing I’m a little burned out. Being the typical Aquarian that I am, I hate rigid schedules…ugh. The change of watch at work couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’m also not hosting anyone this year either for GHHD2. I think some of my excitement often comes from out of town friends who come up for the event. Seeing them excited gets me excited. Its like living in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, after awhile it just gets old. I do have a couple of friends coming up though. Chris aka Wildcuddler from twitter and the adorable Andy, both from Austin, are gonna be here.

I was originally supposed to go up to TN this weekend to see my younger brother while he is up there. But he was having drama so I decided against it. I was hoping to meet another famous blogger but he has his hands full with other stuff at the moment. Maybe after I’ve adjusted back to my old schedule, I can plan again. I have several more opportunities coming up before year end anyway.

While not unexpected or surprising, my blogging has suffered too. I don’t much mind as it ebbs and flows like everything in my life but it is a goo indicator. And you’ll get a kick out of this part, even my naughty time has suffered. Less trips to bb’s, less shenanigans at the gym, and even less online hookups. Relatively speaking, I’ve practically become celibate lately. lol If that doesn’t shock you, nothing will! Frankly, the boy has been the only real consistency in that area at all lately.

I’ll be honest, I’m irritated with myself. I didn’t realize how much my schedule was stressing me and seeing it now makes me angry. I really didn’t have a choice the last time as I got bumped off my days off but I did this time and I can’t believe I almost stayed on my current shift. What the hell was I thinking? The other irritating part is my vacation slots have to be planned a year in advance [2]We sign up once a year for all of our allotted vacation slots. We can take extra unplanned time but it is based on staffing levels which fluctuate wildly. and I’ve totally blown thru two of them already!

Lesson learned. Being off this week has been a god-send. And even though I haven’t done jack shit, it feels so good. I can slowly feel my energies returning and am looking forward to getting back on the shorter shifts come Monday.


1 Up your Ally street fair, formerly known as Dore Alley
2 We sign up once a year for all of our allotted vacation slots. We can take extra unplanned time but it is based on staffing levels which fluctuate wildly.


I have a little confession to make.  I sorta met someone recently.  No, not the beefy guy. Actually, I met this guy before the beefy guy but only off and on and mostly in the carnal sense. While on the beefy side as well, he has more of a humpy corn fed look. [1]Not to mention, an ass so plump and juicy it would make you sit up and beg.  I’m sure I don’t need to fill in the details.  I’ll just say we seemed to be a good “fit”.  And with the beefy guy out of the picture, corn fed boy has been a nice distraction, to say the least.

We’ve spent about 5 nights together off/on over the last 2 weeks. I know, shame on me for not spilling the beans earlier.  With everything else as of late, I just didn’t get around to blabbing about it, sue me.  Plus, as I said, things weren’t serious.  However, I was beginning to get the impression things might take a more serious route.  Well that is until tonight.  After a very hot couple rounds of sex, he tells me he has been seeing someone else and has to stop playing around with me. WTF?  I guess things are getting a little more serious with the other guy.  Talk about a kick in the teeth. 

I can handle him choosing the other guy over me, but his total selfish approach hit me a bit wrong. To add insult to injury, I had invited him to a party with me tonight. [2]Rob, sorry I didn’t make it.  Obviously, that didn’t happen. My mood was a bit soured so I ended up sitting at home polishing off a box of girl scout cookies, a chicken/cheese bagel, and two cups of pudding.

I’m over it now.  The good news is I’ll make it to the gym nice and early tomorrow to work off the billion calories I consumed tonight. 

As the ever famous Hateful Helen would say, “NEXT!”


1 Not to mention, an ass so plump and juicy it would make you sit up and beg.
2 Rob, sorry I didn’t make it.


I had to call off the 2nd date with the Beefy guy from the gym today.  I wasn’t feeling too hot and didn’t think barfing on him would be attractive. 

It started last night.  My tummy was a little upset and making weird noises, even for me.  This morning I woke up feeling icky as all hell and tried to seduce the pain away by going back to sleep.  Noon roles around and I crawl from the crypt only feeling slightly less icky. 

The day wears on and I make the best of it.  I did make it out for a couple small errands an a Starbucks run.  Late afternoon finds me squatting over the porcelain god blowing chucks for Jesus.  Two hours later my low-grade fever breaks.  An hour after that I feel almost right as rain and hungry!  Fast forward one more hour and you find me inhaling a burrito, a taco, and leftover brussel sprouts. [1]I know, not the best combo

Currently, I’m propped up in bed with the laptop killing off my future children in my loins.  I’m gonna play F.E.A.R. 2 for a while and then call it a day. 


Oh, I think I also offended a friend today.  He asked me a question and I didn’t really censure my response.  He got both barrels of my blunt opinion.  I didn’t mean to come off so crass.  Oh well, I’ll apologize tomorrow. 


1 I know, not the best combo

Oh No He Dinnn’t!

Wow, all the comments on the last post were great!  I didn’t realize so many people would comment.  heh heh  It was great reading all the stories.  Thanks to everyone who shared. 


I had a bit of a rough week.  Work wasn’t overly busy but the drama over the City’s budget deficit continues.  Not surprisingly, the City is facing one of the largest budget shortfalls in its entire history. [1]The state isn’t doing so well either.  I’ll be the first to admit the City’s paryoll is significant.  SF has 1 civil servant for every 5 citizens.  That is a lot by any standard.  I’m grateful to have a job so I won’t bore you with all the stuff they are trying to take away from us.  And while I’d never support anyone getting laid off, it may come to that.  My department is somewhat immune to layoffs but it isn’t written in stone.  Its gonna get uglier for sure. 


On top of that, the land my dad left my brothers and I has hit yet another snag.  I’m not sure why I’m surprised but this one is a doozy.  So much so, it may take us years to resolve it.  Ugh.  Blood-suckng attorneys and their double-speak really pisses me off too.  Why can’t they just speak frakin’ English!  So now,not only am I broke but I have no equity to show for it.  Lovely.


As if my own drama wasn’t enough, my soon-to-be ex roomie has been irritating the hell out of me.  He can’t manage his finances for shit and has been dragging me along for the ride.  He hasn’t even paid rent yet and had the fucking audacity to ask me for money!  We had a few “words”.  On the off-hand chance he doesn’t move, it is time for another come-to-Jesus meeting when he gets back.  I’m done giving him breaks.  He can either start pulling his own weight or get out.  And if he does move, I’ve decided to proceed with finding another roomie. 


And to top it all off, the weather has been down right shitty today.  Oh well, I guess we do need the rain, even if it is a bummer.  I’m doing lunch and a movie w/my buddy Juan tomorrow to take my mind off things. 


1 The state isn’t doing so well either.


My sleeping habits have been whack for a while now however, last night was probably the worst so far.  I laid in bed awake until almost 4:30am before finding falling asleep.  This was after taking a sleeping pill. 

I was only able to sleep about 4 hours.  Needless to say, I’m a bit cranky today.  I’m gonna try a couple home remedies before calling the doc. 

The good news is I got the new blog a little more updated.  I brought back the rotating banners (for now).  I haven’t tinkered with the export/import features since the initial failure. 

I’m also off to finish the color on my tattoo today.  Pics forthcoming.