Shoved In Your Face

Ok, so today I’m just rolling thru blogs like crazy. I always get a tickle out of how there seems to be “rolling topics”. Basically, one person starts a topic and soon enough there are 10 blogs about the same blog or rants. *G*

So I’m stumbling thru links and I find several ongoing issues w/”christian america” being upset over being “forced” to see gays/lesbians in everyday occurrences. My previous rants about Ms. Peaslee and Foot Locker included. We also see Republic of T’s rants regarding a woman in Maryland who was so offended by a simple picture of two men sharing a small kiss on the subway she wrote in a lovely letter condemning us for basically “shoving it down her throat”. Ironic, that anywhere you look you see straights doing the same thing constantly. *getting out a pen/paper to write a strongly worded letter*

Then we discover a college academy in TX outs an 18yo male to his family against his wishes! He is 18 years old and that makes him a legal adult. I’m just dying to see a lawsuit come of this one!

Oh but here is the best part! (I almost pee’d my pants on this one) Several black church leaders are banning together and organized marches in support AGAINST gays! Forgetting for a moment, that blacks are one of the most persecuted minorities in our country and still suffer injustices on a variety of levels. Oh and the real kicker, MLK’s widow has publicly come out against these marches. The reasoning behind this odd turn of events is even more astounding! Somehow the struggle for equality is no longer a civil rights issue. Go figure.

And lets not forget our fashion mavens are out in force too! Apparently, we are being blamed for Target finally putting its foot down and booting the salvation army from their store fronts. Good for us. Any organization that discriminates deserves the boot. And just where is the homosexual agenda? I’m a card carrying ‘mo and I’ve yet to see this “agenda”. Can someone please forward me a copy. (I knew I wasn’t getting all my memos!)

Lest I forget, we are left w/the christian’s newest lapdog of ignorance, Judith Reisman. What a riot this woman is. Talk about diluted ideals of reality. Ms. Reisman tends to cloak her ignorance behind undocumented facts/figures. Facts that quickly fall by the wayside under closer examination. Nonetheless, she is rising in the ranks of the “christian not-so-right” and becoming one of their favorite lap dogs.

Enough for now. Blessed be the ignunt!

Foot Locker = Foot in Mouth

I mention this story only because I’ve followed it from beginning to end. The older I get the more I seem to be less and less tolerant of companies, that should know better, treating their gay employees like dirt. The resolution of this particular story is heartwarming even if the amount awarded is not published yet. In a nutshell…

Kevin Dunbar, a 26yo male, working at Foot Locker was subjected to cruel taunts and tortures on a daily basis. After begging to be transfered to a new store ….where his new store manager refused to shake his hand and said, “I heard about your shit, I don’t want your faggot ass in my store.” But wait! theres more! “Foot Locker could have addressed this problem, as it clearly promises employees in its policies, but instead chose to ignore it and make it worse. Our client followed the rules to address the discrimination, and all it got him was a pink slip,” said Nevins. In the lawsuit, Lambda Legal argues that Foot Locker, Inc., breached its contract with Dunbar by violating the company’s own anti-harassment, anti-discrimination and open-door policies that are promised in the employee handbook. Three customers who witnessed three separate incidents of antigay harassment have sworn affidavits on Dunbar’s behalf.

This is my favorite part! Even a “christian” felt so badly for him she made a complaint! One customer approached Dunbar and gave him her name and phone number “because as a Christian woman I felt this was wrong, and the Lord told me to help and heal because the hurt, pain and embarrassment I saw on Mr. Dunbar’s face was intense.” On another occasion, a customer was shopping with her four children and heard Dunbar’s coworkers calling him “punk ass” and “faggot.” After one particularly harsh round of name-calling, a customer was concerned for Dunbar’s safety when she heard a coworker threaten, “I will beat his punk ass!” A spokesperson for the company refused comment on the suit.

And the most galling part, is that FL gave Kevin, the innocent victim, a PINK SLIP! He had to sue in order to get any sort of justice. Regardless of the outcome, I will never shop at FL again. I have a choice where I spend my money and it sure as hell isn’t where someone is allowed to be humiliated just because he was born gay!

Ignunce Rears It’s Ugly Head

This is an old subject for me. However, it has just dawned on me, I’ve never really mentioned it on any of my rants here. I take the issue of religion and being gay to heart. I spent a large chunk of my adolescent life searching for a balance between what I thought were the teachings of the Almighty and my own conscience.

Today’s nonsense is courtesy of an interesting blog from Dunner. Dunner often offers some great insights into every day occurrences which is probably why I read his blog daily. But I digress, the topic stems from an old article posted at the LaCrosse Tribune in Wisconsin. Specifically, regarding a Ms. Peaslee’s ongoing rants about the do’s and don’ts of living a godly christian life. Or more specifically, Ms. Peaslees complete fascination with “homosexuals”. (At this point, I’d like to refer Ms. Peaslee to my good friend Betty Bowers, whom I’m told has a much more intimate connection to Jesus.)

I digress, the topic stems from an article posted by Ms. Peaslee condemning homosexuals. Now take into account, the articles are a bit old and apparently Ms. Peaslee doesn’t post many opinions these days. Anyway, after reading thru Ms. Peaslee’s ongoing rants a picture started to unfold. A picture of a lonely bitter shell of a woman, trapped by her empty and futile life, trying desperately to regain some modicum of control by lashing out at anything she fears or doesn’t understand. Ms. Peaslee’s undying conviction and righteousness is reminiscent of my own childhood. Not because I had any such convictions mind you. No, I was constantly surrounded by those claiming to be the mighty servants of the Almighty. Servants who, in reality, were tiny frail human beings desperately trying to shake their own feelings of inadequacy by attacking anyone who threatened to upset their delicate convictions. Of course, that includes gays/lesbians as well. Ya know, I’m amazed I survived childhood w/any sort of sanity left about me. I digress again, apologies. It’s really quite easy to turn the tables against such simpletons. My favorite, and most annoying choice is by using the very item that they hold most dear, the bible. When Jesus came, he told his followers, “the old law is dead to you [meaning the old testament], your new covenant is with me”. (For those of you not up on the bible. The Old Testament is where most of the supposed “condemnations” against gays are found.) Last time I checked scripture, Jesus taught love, acceptance, and tolerance of all. It always amazes me the power such a simple statement can have over the religious not-so-right. The other option tends to be a little more complex. You have to purchase or at least find an original translation of the bible. Keep in mind the bible was originally written in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. Once you start reviewing these so called “gay scriptures”, you find that very few actually refer to gays/lesbians and fewer still offer any sort of condemnation or “eternal fire” for the “abominations”. To this day, it still mystifies me how such a simple truth is so well hidden from the masses. And what annoys me, is that many of the religious “powers that be” have to know what they are teaching is a fallacy.

Ok, I’ve beat this holy horse to death. I’ve off my rocker now.

418 Brewing

Let me explain. 418 (four eighteen) is the police code in SF for a fight. Today the owner of the house, I’m moving out of, had the audacity to ask me for prorated rent for the 3 days in December that I’ll be here. (For those of you just tuning in, read the whole store here.) I guess my temper must have been brewing over the way I’m getting shafted because I let him have it! I was so riled up, at one point, I think I was actually frothing at the mouth! The nerve of that fucker! After all he has put me thru this past month. Not only am I moving out w/o making a fuss but, I’m doing it quickly. I’ve managed to find a new place again within only 15 days of my move-in.

Legally, I could stay and force his hand and not pay him a dime beyond what was originally agreed. I had thought about it but, it’s just not worth it. I like my drama to be low. If he is this two faced now, I’m not sure what to expect later on. Oh but wait, there’s more! Only 5 days after I agree to move out he is already asking me, “have you found a place yet?” Five freaking days!

SF has some really tough housing ordinances on the books and most of them favor the tenants. After reading off the numerous rental ordinances he had violated, he was not so quick to push for more money. (I rarely make idle threats) Not to mention, I’ve held up my bargain since the beginning.

Anyway, I guess I’ve been holding it in because now that it’s over I feel a lot better! My friends always tell me I’m too nice. I’m not perfect, I’ll be the first to admit it. That said, I’ve learned, the hard way, your word is the only true bond you can give someone. I try to live my life w/integrity and honesty and expect the same of others. I can say, without any hesitation, that I’ve kept up my end of the deal. Even now, I’m still a bit dumbfounded that he actually had the balls to look me in the eyes and ask for MORE money. Especially after his little speech to me about not needing to rent the house out all. Oy vey!

Well, like I said, I feel a lot better now. [Jim Carey Voice] “I have exorcised the demons!” Gotta run, I have to get packing!

Lies & Deception from ABC

In a vain attempt to distance itself from other news stations and re-position itself as a “family” station, ABC news has stooped to fabricating stories for headlines.

As you’ve probably heard, 20/20 recently aired an “in depth” examination of the facts involving the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998. Their new version of the truth leaves out all of the plentiful evidence, including confessions from the murderers, showing the killing was motivated primarily as a ‘hate crime’. A hate crime is defined as . . . “any criminal act or attempted criminal act motivated by hate based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or mental/physical disability. The perpetrator views victims as lacking full human worth bearing any of those characteristics”.

Numerous parties interviewed by ABC have publicly come out against them for twisting their words thru editing to make it look like some sort of conspiracy. This includes the lead investigator in the case who cited numerous examples during the investigation of how Matthew’s murder was hate motivated and not a simple “robbery gone wrong”.

I normally don’t get on the bandwagon for boycotts etc as I think even closed minded individuals have a right to speak their mind. That said, I draw the line at lies. ABC is trying to change the truth for the sake of ratings. Enough already. How many more of my brothers/sisters do I have to watch die before America wakes up. WE are not a minority any longer and we will no longer be treated like one.

I will strike at ABC the only way I can, by not watching their programs or any affiliated networks. I’ve also emailed ABC expressing my outrage and unconditional opposition to their lies, demanding a public apology. I urge you to do the same. If you can, please donate to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. A small donation of $20.00 can help a lot of people. Think of it as a tax deductible write-off!

Four more years of crap

I am dismayed to wake up today and discover that Dubya has been re-elected, albeit by a very slim margin. Four more years of discrimination, deceit, and more breaks for the rich. I am under the belief had the war w/Iraq been over the turnout would have been drastically different. Had the war been over, I think a lot more people would have seen Bush for what he is, a fake.

Even more troubling is there seems to be a ‘mandate’ in the house and possibly the Senate. The Republican Party used fear and, in some cases, lies to scare people away from voting their hearts. How does that shake out for all the gays? Only time will tell. We can only hope for the best now.

Talking during the movie!

Ok, here is my rant for today. I’m just home from watching Hero and what a great movie. If you like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, you’ll love this one. The cinematography was flawless and the plot kept twisting back and forth. You didn’t really know how it was gonna end until it did.

Anyway, about a third of the way thru the movie, these two biddies come in and sit down two seats over from me. They proceed to have a conversation all the way thru the movie. Not wanting to be disrespectful, I finally got up and moved. You’d think that would have been a signal right? NOOOOOOO They got louder! Another 10mins go by and I give a polite but unmistakable “ssssh!”. Did that work? NOOOOOO. So finally, during a crescendo of their carcophony, I stood up and said, “Would you two mind shutting up so the rest of us can HEAR the movie?” I shit you not, people started clapping. I guess I wasn’t the only one being annoyed. The pathetic part is the theatre wasn’t even that full. Its Wednesday at the 4:30pm showing.

The only thing worse than a cellphone ringing during a movie is chatty cathy and sister sally gabbing. What happened to being respectful of others? If you wanna have good conversation, go to a coffee house and bleat till your lips fall off. Don’t do it in the middle of a movie. Ok, I feel better now.

Ok see now this just pisses me off!

They can give $35 MILLION to the faith based initiatives but screw increasing the Ryan White Act Funding. Explain to me how that would make sense to anyone but a narrow minding, republican?

This is the reason people need to get out and vote! Lets face it people The Ryan White Acct is the single LARGEST funding program for people w/HIV and disabling AIDS. And our glorious president, who preached inclusiveness and tolerance, has formed a committee that has recommended to NOT increase funding for the Act.