(Yeah, I know it’s not really a word but I like it. )

Guess who aced his final today?!

I’m excited and tired all at the same time. Six months worth of hard work has finally paid off. I’m now over the first hurdle of my journey.

As soon as my certification comes back in the mail, I can start looking for part-time work to get my hours in.


*I need a cocktail*

Only in SF II

I’m taking a break from studies. My hematomas’ are blending w/my hemothoraxes and we just can’t have that. I’d thought I’d share some funny tidbits encountered today.

Only in SF will you see:

… a gurl and girl exchanging makeup tips and discussing the cheapest places to buy MAC.

… a leather daddy, decked out in full leather, getting his nails done side by side w/Katy Sue, Surban Mom Extraordinaire AND they are having a conversation. (I couldn’t help but laugh.)

… a straight man giving a gay man tips on where to buy the best boots.

… a hardware store that sells lube.

… a guy wearing leather pants to the gym.

Not sure if that makes us a ‘gay mecca’ but it’s nice to know it exists.

I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. I’ve noticed “Zig Zag” the new coffee/tea shop they put in place of Le BonGateaux isn’t doing so well. (Superstar, the video store next door bought it.) It’s been open almost 3 full weeks now and I’ve yet to see more than a few people inside at any given time. I know I shouldn’t make fun but I can’t help it. They took a wonderfully comfortable coffee shop and turned it into this empty (think “less is more”) cold space w/tacky colors and straight lines everywhere. What were they thinking? This isn’t Sunset Blvd, it’s the Castro. The only thing w/straight lines are the Dykes at Cliff’s Hardware!

Ok, enough venting. Back to my studies. I’m only up to H so far.

We Interupt This Blogcast…

Ughh! I am busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest this week. Finals, instructing, work, charities. . . where does it end! I’m WAY behind on responding to personal emails. (sorry folks)

Finals are Tuesday and I’ve yet to squeeze any decent study time in. I have all of Monday but was hoping not to spend the entire day studying. I could pass the test as-is but I’ve never been one to just get by. I take pride in my skills. Oh yeah!

Work is the same. Overworked and underpaid. I have a trainee who is taking all my effort, so no time to study at work either. And my house guest never materialized. Apparently, all is not lost in his relationship. (Thankfully!)

Lately, I’ve had a hankering for some home cooking. So I whipped up a big pot of beans and rice. I’m devouring the last of ’em as we speak. I love me some beans and rice!

I did manage to get a Raeki (spelling?) massage this week. If you’re not familiar, it deals w/pressure points and intense muscle relief. It can be a bit painful if you have a lot of stress built up. However, the after affects are well worth it. My body is still thanking me for it.

The social life is pretty much non-existent. It’s been over a month since I got laid. I know for some that’s no big deal but for me it is. If I go more than a week, I’m cranky Spanky. Once a slut always a slut I guess. . . (On a side note, I have a date for New Year’s Eve, IF he ever comes back from Canada. *hint hint*)

And speaking of bitchiness, I got another less-than-polite email this week about my blogging topics. The short answer: Fuck off! The long answer, read the title doofus. My blog is for me and about me…duh! If you don’t like it, (and here’s a clue, pay attention) DON’T READ IT! The audacity of people sometimes just cracks me up. And, of course, it’s always some anonymous fuck w/no life and nothing else to do but bitch.

(see, I told you I was cranky)


My EMT class is fast coming to an end. I only have 4 classes left and I’m done! Well, when I say done, I’ll be finished w/the first hurdle. I have to find a part-time job as an EMT, get my 500 hours, and then I go back to classroom for the actual Paramedic training.

Most of the lectures now are on refining skills we’ve already learned. (Notice I didn’t insert mastered here. I’m far from being proficient. That’s where the real world training comes in.)

So while I’m on the subject, lately the instructor has had students from his previous classes help out w/scenarios. There is one particular student who is more than a little attractive. Add to that, he has a 2×2 inch scar on the side of his face from a childhood accident. Ya see, yours truly has a thing for scars. Don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue. As long as I can remember, I’ve always found scars to be very sexy. Not the total disfigurement type, just the smaller ones that most people pick up in the course of an active life. For the purpose of the blog, we’ll call said fella Nick. Nick is clearly straight however, I couldn’t help it. All thru class this week, I kept sneaking a peek at his sexy scar. I think he caught me a couple of times but he was cool about it.

One of the really great things about living in SF, most straight guys don’t freak out every time they catch a gay guy making eyes at them.

Big Mouth

I was a bit irritable during class last week. (Had a light case of pharyngitis it seems) I actually let my temper get the best of me regarding a classmate. I normally ignore it as I like to focus on my education vs the shortcomings seen in others. I think part of the problem is I’m sorta disappointed w/my class as a whole. I’ve invested alot of myself into my training. For me, its not just some class I’m taking. I’m working towards a goal to better myself. It has sorta been a shock that not everyone else sees it that way. Our class dwindled over the past few months. Even a few people I thought were in it for the long haul are gone. If nothing else, I paid good money for this class. The least I can do is make an effort to pass.

So back to the story. This particular guy is nice enough. He just has a habit of trying to know the right answer w/o really knowing it. Now don’t get me wrong, I can be a know-it-all at times (shut up Bobby!). I tend to be very confident and act as such until proven otherwise. This character on the otherhand just sorta makes it up. He criticizes everyone else yet, he rarely participates in practicals. He lurks in the background letting everyone else do the work. This past week, as usual, he didn’t really participate but offers up his heart felt opinion on the errors of my skill set. I leaned over to the instructor (who I also work with) and said “isn’t it nice to have two instructors in the class? Too bad the second one is usually wrong.” I also made some offhand comments to several of my classmates. (They were in agreement but that’s besides the point.)

I emailed the instructor and apologized. He said he didn’t really think I was out-of-line and that my comments were justified. He actually had a conversation after class w/said person. I really respect my instructor so I’m glad to hear he doesn’t think I’m a total ass.

Just Where Have You Been Mister!?

Busy Busy Week! Things are finally slowing down. (That and I’ve already beaten the new Ratchet & Clank game once) I had my ride along this past Monday and it was great! An incredible learning experience. I am so hooked! The only downer, we had a paramedic intern as well so I didn’t get to do as much hands-on as I had hoped. Even still, it was great. The medic and EMT I rode with were both really cool and made sure I understood everything. I can’t give specifics obviously but, we had two cardiac patients, two falls, a couple of “man down” calls (usually homeless people sleeping on the street), and a MVA (motor vehicle accident). Sadly, nothing serious. No blood and guts the whole day. It did wear on me though. Twelve hours in the back of the ambulance took its toll. I was pooped by the end of the watch.

Speaking of medics, I’m sitting at the Cove in the Castro and an engine and medic just drove up for a “man down” call. Two of the guys I know. Of which, one is very attractive but very straight. I’m digressing…Having a large homeless population we get lots of calls of this type. Usually no merit due to guys sleeping or drunks wanting a ride to the hospital. Today turned out to be the latter.

Tuesday was class, lecture and practicals as usual. Finals are fast approaching. I’m so excited I can’t wait. I just hope I can find a part time gig as a EMT. (I can’t live on what an EMT makes so has to be part time while I continue to my regular job.) I’ll be super busy but that’s ok because I’ll use it as an excuse to pay off a chunk of my remaining debt. I might be able to flex my schedule at work too. I haven’t asked yet.

Monday, the day of my ride-along, was also Bobbeisha’s birf day. I decided to take him out for some belated shopping and a nice b’day dinner at 2223 Market. I had planned to take pics but I forgot the camera.

Ramblings. . .

Where did the weekend go? Seems like I just left work.

So tomorrow is my Monday. I’m back at it. I’ve only got 4 days till I’m on vacation. Wahoo!

Class is still going great. I made a 98 on my midterm! I was tickled pink. We lost 4 more students. The midterm was the deciding factor for some. Our class is down to 15 from 31. That said, the 15 left seem to be equally commited as I. I don’t think we’ll lose anymore.

Today, was spent mostly doing errands. Didn’t get much play time in. This blasted flue keeps lingering around. I’m not quiet sick but not back to a 100% either. I did get a good workout in at the gym today. I’ve really been disappointed w/gym schedule and am making a hard effort to get back at it. I also got my 3rd tan in today. I’m finally starting to show some color. I got 2 more to go before I leave.

I got home kinda late and didn’t feel like ordering out so I thought I’d cook something. Course, there was nothing in the fridge. Can I insert here how much I love Whole Foods? Not for everyday shopping as I can’t afford it. However, their meat/seafood section is unriveled. As expected, they had a plethera of meats. Pre-marinated and everything.

So here is my latest creation.
Chef Moby Strikes Again!
Chef Moby Strikes Again!

Not much else to report. Just dinner and a movie to finish off the evening.

It’s So Foggy Out & Ramblings

I went to see the remake of The Fog last night w/Bobby. Not bad for a remake in my opinion. It has what’s-his-name from Smallville as one of the lead characters. God he is so hot. Anyway, they didn’t flesh the plot out as much as I would have liked but not bad. There were a few scary scenes as well. Bobby hated it of course. Not sure why but I gave up trying to figure that out years ago.

I’m on fire side at work again today. Nice and slow so far. I’ve been busy w/academy classes this week. I teach CAD (computer) training to the new dispatch class. They seem to be doing well so far. I really tried to encourage them to work as a collective group and they seem to be doing it. (I have to be careful what I write here as I discovered some of them read my blog!) heee heee heee

My tanning bed trip wasn’t too bad. I really like the results from just the first tan so far. I’m back tomorrow for session 2. I should be perfectly lightly tan by the time I hit FTL. That reminds me, I gotta get a new bathing suit. SHIT! totally forgot that. I’ll try and work that into the weekend. Course, I may have to wait till the trip. Swimsuits aren’t exactly prime wear here right now.

I’ve been really good at hitting the gym this week too. I’ve been slacking as of late due to my hectic schedule. I’m blissfully sore all over today. I did my glutes/quads yesterday and I could barely walk this morning. I had to soak in the jacuzzi for a bit to loosen up.

Half Way There!

Boy am I glad! The test is over finally! I think I did well and I know I aced the patient assessment part. I was nervous but my hard work paid off. Actually, my study partner and I got the highest score in the class on the assessment part. I won’t know the results on the written until next week. One guy totally bombed it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t unexpected. He doesn’t seem all that quick and does nothing to help himself by having text message conversations on his phone during lectures.

That said, a very loooong week of mad studying comes to a close. No test next week obviously so I get a welcome rest. The ex and I are getting together for sushi tonight. (I need more Sushi-eating friends.)


I’m feeling much better. Been trying to get plenty of rest and it seems to be helping. I didn’t get full blown thankfully.

I left a ‘nice’ note for someone who took my wet clothes out of the dryer last night.

The trip to FTL is all planned. I just need to rent a car and I’m all set.

Oh, and I spilt water on the one porno I own (which is on VHS. I don’t own a VCR). Oh the loss…

More madness in the week…